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We are, in fact, still in Kansas...

Mara Lithaen

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[Flag in Progress]


Birth of the Plains Federation


In an uncomfortably warm room in the old State Capitol building of Oklahoma, delegates from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas all put their pens to paper, signing into existence a new, consolidated community, a federation of neighbors, to be hereby known as the Plains Federation. In the interim until elections could be held, they appointed a number of temporary holders to the fledgling nation's high offices...


President: John Reese

Vice-President: Anna Kennedy


Secretary of State: Alexander Harrington

Secretary of the Treasury: Jerry Montfort

Secretary of War: Martina Williams

Secretary of the Navy: ADM Harriet Wiles (Ret.)

Post-Master General: Tyler Larsson

Attorney General: Hon. James Dee


Senator of the State of Oklahoma: Rebekah Williams

Senator of the State of Texas: Chandler Morgan

Senator of the State of Kansas: Dorothy Clinton

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