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Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics


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The Ultra Alliance (UA, flag seen left), The Roman Empire (TRE, flag seen centered) and the International Commonwealth of Nations (ICoN, flag seen right) have all been allies since they knew of one another's existence. Because of their friendship, the relationship between the three alliances grew and grew, joint aid programs and trade circles have been set up, creating a very peaceful environment for everyone to prosper. When times were rough, the three alliances stuck together and solved bad situations as one. All of the three alliances share very similar ideologies. Hereby, the three alliances are merging as one and will live with wealth, power and protection.



The Charter of the Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics


In the beginning, a man walked alone through a meadow. The man called upon his friends and they built a community in that same meadow. The community went through good times and bad. The meadow grew too small for the people of this community and they expanded. They expanded so much that the whole valley became part of the community. A man, not much younger than the first man, joined the community after being invited and quickly rose to power. Everyone all lived happily until a gigantic storm stuck. The community was left in ruins and the first man was left to rebuild it all by himself, the second man leaving to start his own community. Once the man rebuilt his community, he found out that the man he invited once before had successfully created his own community. The two communities decided to trade and work together. The second community grew and gained lots of members, even partnering with a third community to further empower the group. Eventually, the three decided that they could all work better as one, and formed the Sovereign Coalition of Allied Nations (SCAR). They knew, that if they worked together, they could achieve great things. The new government sat around a table and agreed on a charter that should be followed by all of the citizens of the community (including themselves).

Therefore, we represent this charter in all of its glory and power.

Article I) Membership

Any nation wishing to do so may join SCAR and after proper evaluation by the Ministers will be admitted as a full member. As a member, one is strongly recommended to have a team color of Green. Tech deals shall be within 15 days of their entry unless good reason is given to show that they should not. However, they must comply with any technology dealing sanctions placed upon potential enemies so as to avoid aiding an enemy. Raiding is means for immediate and untried banishment from the alliance should the Ministers deem it necessary with a majority vote between them.

Article II) The Government

The Council Of Ministers

1. The Minister of Defense (MoD): The Minister of defense is in charge of regulating all the wars within the alliance. If a nation of the SCAR is attacked then it is the MoD's duty to see that the attacks end and recompense is offered by the aggressor to the besieged. Should a nation of the SCAR attack another nation the MoD is to end the war and to have recompense paid by the aggressor nation. The MoD must decide on a case by case basis what the amount shall be for reparations to be made. Another duty of the MoD is to perform intermittent military checkups on the alliance, to ensure our readiness to defend ourselves. These checkups can demand war chest value, amount of spies, and anything else that the MoD feels necessary. Should a nation not wish to give a desired piece of information then they may contact the MoIA in which case a vote will be held among the Ministers where a majority decides whether or not the desired information must be given by the defendant.

2. The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall have the power to assign or remove as many diplomats as necessary to establish and sustain diplomatic relations with the other alliances in CN. The MoFA also shall coordinate with the MoE on appropriate tech deal partners. The MoFA shall the chief negotiator of treaties; however a treaty shall not take effect without a majority of the other ministers voting to approve the treaty.

3. Minister of Economics (MoE): The Minister of Economics is the regulator of all things pertaining to the economy of SCAR. The MoE is in charge of setting up tech deals and trade circles within the alliance and making sure all nations are financially stable. If a nation is bill locked it is the MoE's responsibility to attempt to provide assistance to help the nation to get out of bill lock. The MoE must coordinate with the MoFA to set up agreements with other alliances to get tech deals for the SCAR's members.

4. Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA): The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of keeping the nations of the SCAR in order. They must keep all members following all laws laid out in this charter and any others agreed to in treaties. If a nation is found breaking these laws then it is the MoIA's job to make them stop or to make them leave.

5. Minister of Administration (MoA): The Minister of Administration is in charge of all things relating to technology outside the game, i.e. the forums, IRC channel, Wiki page, etc. They must make sure these things are set up properly and continue to run smoothly.

Other Governmental Positions

1. Chief of Staff (CoS): The Chief of Staff is essentially an advisor to the Ministers and their divisions. They are in charge of keeping everyone up to date on everything. Also they are the immediate successor to any of the Ministers should any of them be deleted, go inactive, or be taken out of office in some other way.

2. High Advisor: The High Advisor is a position to be filled by one who has experience and respect among the members of SCAR and the world at large. They are often former Ministers who are there to offer assistance to Ministers and, should it be necessary, step back into a role as a Minister.

3. Deputies: Deputies serves under each of the aforementioned ministerial government positions. They are simply there to help their superiors in any way they can and all of their actions must be approved by their direct superiors.

Article III) War

Article III.I) War Against Individual Nations

War against any nation without an official declaration is highly illegal. Raiding is prohibited and is cause for exile should it continue to occur.

Article III.II) War Against another Alliance

In the case of a war against an alliance as a whole all nations are allowed and encouraged to attack nations of the opposing alliance and to destroy them to the best of their abilities. Article IV.I is disregarded in the event of such a war.

Article VI) Amendments
Amendments can be made to the charter of SCAR at any time by a unanimous vote by the Ministers.


Ulthran- Minister of Economics
Danger-Minister of Defence
Aidan Groover-Minister of Administration
CobaltWolf- Minister of Foreign Affairs
jsvcycling - Minister of Internal Affairs
Caziekyng-Chief of Staff


SCAR was founded out of the merging of three smaller alliances with the hopes of creating a superpower. Now that the merge has come we are looking to quickly grow SCAR to come into the rankings of the great alliances of Cyber Nations. We welcome all small and/or new members so that they may prosper in the best possible environment for them and we welcome wizened veterans of the game. All have the chance to advance quickly if they show initiative and devotion to SCAR and all are treated equally. Join us to make us ever stronger and to strengthen yourself as well.

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The alliance has now grown to 500k strength and we are beginning to focus more on finding experienced players who are interested in helping out here. If anyone fits that description feel free to PM me anywhere.

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Just thought I would put this topic back on the front page. :) The only news of note is that our alliance chart looks like a really fun roller coaster ride. We will still welcome anyone new and have a variety of government positions available. 

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