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Alaminian Independance Debacle


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Alaminian Independance Debacle


The Back Story

On December 3, 2013, The Ptolemaic Empire fell due to a government that abandoned it's people. After days of Anarchy and Lawless Order in Cyprus, Cyprus began to form it's own indepedant government. The Athenian Federation, who was not paying attention to the chaos in Cyprus, noticed the Ptolemaic Government being replaced by a new Indepedant Government. Athens began a full scale invasion without question or contact towards the Cyprus People.


Rise of the Commonwealth of Alamin

On December 8, 2013 at Midnight, The abandonment of the Ptolemaic Government was too harsh to bear. People were dying, Theives littered the streets, Businesses hired mercenaries to simply protect their belongings. It was total Chaos in the Cyprus Island. Katina Katsero of Nicosia stood up on December 8, after waiting several days for The Athenian Federation to attempt to restore order, and arranged a massive meating in Nicosia.


"People of Cyprus!" she exclaimed on the microphone as the speech was broadcasted all over Cyprus on the Emergency Broadcast Station. "We can no longer wait for a government to respond that has evidently abandoned us here. We can no longer await The Athenian Federation to come and restore orde as it appears they are not coming. However this is not a time to play the blame game. This is a time when everyone in Cyprus needs a little help." she paused to catch her breath. "Beginning today, I do declare myself Head of State of the Commonwealth of Alamin." She held her words as an applause interrupted her speech.


"Now it is evident that I may not be well known throughout the Island. However, This government is purely transitionary. Elections will be taking place in a few days to determine a new head of state and a council to represent all areas of the Cyprus Island. This temporary government will be enforcing Ptolemaic Laws until a more popular order of Government can be achieved." Katina paused for a moment as the crowd began clapping.


The Invasion of Athens

10 Hours after the Establishment of the Alamin Transitionary Government, without word or diplomacy, Athens began to invade Cyprus. Mass Confusion reigned throughout the Commonwealth. News Stations began breaking in news of the invasion with many questions as Athenian Forces began invading the Commonwealth. Athenian Loyalist in the Commonwealth labeled the reformists as "Rebels" and "Terrorists".


As Athens began invading, several Athenian Loyalist Citizens began to support their government by brutally attacking Citizens loyal to the Reformation of Cyprus. These crimes went without any media attention on Athenian Loyalist Networks. Media Coverage who supported the Reformation capitlized on the crimes however.


Retaliation to Athenian Invasion

Massive Protests began to pour out for the Independance of Cyprus under The Alamin Commonwealth rule. Katina Katsero arrived at a microphone to make a new government-sponsered emergency broadcast. "People of The Alamin Commonwealth, get in doors immediately! Our nation at 7 A.M. fell under Invasion of the Athenian Empire due to Athens preferring to annex the Cyprus Island once again.


In the midst of all of this, I have one question for our invaders, and that is 'why?' " Katina shook her head with a disappointed look on her face. "The Ptolemaic Independant government just fell. We were living in complete utter chaos and anarchy and now we are being invaded." Katina had a tear roll down her cheek. "People are dying simply because The Athenian Federation wishes for this Island to return back to them for reasons unknown to anyone at this point."


"We have the same laws and soon the same structure of The Ptolemaic Empire. We are simply rebuilding it, and you find that as a justified reason to kill innocent civilians?" she shook her head once again in disappointment. "Literally the only thing we have done is change the name and people running the Island as the last ones abandoned us."


Katina shook her head and looked down for a moment. "The Alamin Commonwealth asks all protests and organized political movements to work with extreme caution. We are being invaded by an enemy who labeled us as terrorists simply for having a different name and wishing to no longer be in anarchy. All peaceful protestors are recommended to stay out of the way of the invaders as they will likely not use caution. Under Alamin Law, it is required all protests and political movements to be of peaceful origin and comply with all laws including not blocking traffic or loitering in places where prohibited."


With that final speech, an approximate estimate of over 73% of the Cypriot People became favorable of The Alamin Commonwealth, and 68% preferred Indepedant and a Native Cypriot Government over becoming an Athenian "Province".


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Despite the general propaganda claims being voiced by the rebel movement the Athenian government had been there already quite a bit before the declaration, pro-Athenian stations on the island were quick to remind the people of this and the years of prosperity enjoyed while under the loving embrace of the motherland. Furthermore despite what the rebels would like to make the public believe the movement did not even compose a small minority. The far majority of the population had quite frankly been determined to be undecided. However it was time to move on. Elements of the Hellenic Army would be quick to stand guard at the protests, while the rights to peaceful assembly were guaranteed under the constitution great care would be taken that any lawbreakers were arrested swiftly. 


At the same time the Ministry of Security had concluded there was only one certain way to guarantee a quick end to the rebellion, the elimination of its command structure. To achieve this Imperial Intelligence would attempt triangulating the exact location of the radio broadcast, once achieved intelligence assets would monitor the building and the movements of Katina Katseros, while she could have been eliminated right there and then a single leader would in the end barely dent the movement as such the decision was made to continue tracking her movements over several days. Once enough data had been achieved on the locations of various elements of the rebellion and its leadership a combat plan was offered to Imperial Command which swiftly obtained approval.


Late that night the 400-man strong Razor Special Operations force would be dedicated to Operation Black Eye, the most elite military branch in the Hellenic Forces and one of the most elite in the world. In a coordinated movement the Razors would breach the locations of Katina and her government. All of them were offered the ability to surrender and be arrested or to resist and be shot on sight. At the same time the Hellenic Army in general with support from Hellenic Razors would storm buildings linked to the rebellion.

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