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I was deploying some of my troops yesterday, and noticed that you can deploy yourself into anarchy(again, since I remember that being removed when the solider efficiency was being changed up from actual numbers to efficiency.)

I opted to deploy all of my soldiers to see what my max number was.

When I had checked if I could deploy, it gave me the message that in order to avoid anarchy, I have to deploy EVEN MORE(I opted to deploy 45,000, and it told me to deploy 47,657).

Why is this?

BTW- To fix it, I just deployed 30,000 and called it all good.

Also, I'll check the error again tonight, to get a precise account, since this is all based on memory.

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Possibly could be a bug? Or you didn't comprehend it correctly?

I wish you took a screenshot.

So, you entered in all of your soldier amount to see how many you could actually deploy once receiving the message of avoiding anarchy, and it told you to deploy more? Did I comprehend this correctly?

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In the screen shot, you already have 9k deployed (12k if you count the soldier bonuses). You wish to deploy 35k, that is 44k soldiers not including soldier bonuses, thus, you would be in anarchy. 40k is your limit.

This isn't right. When you deploy military, the deployment is not added to existing deployment totals. It is a replacement of your existing deployment totals. When you deploy 35k, and you already have 9k deployed, you don't deploy 44k. You deploy 35k.

This is likely a bug, and it's using your modified (efficiency) soldier total instead of your actual soldier total when calculating what it takes to anarchy yourself.

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