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[center][size="7"][b]Train Bombing Kills 32[/b][/size]

OOC: I know it's not a passenger train but I couldn't find a better picture, for all intensive purposes the picture shown is to be considered a passenger train.[/size][/center]

"Today in New Panama a train traveling from the outskirts into New Panama City was targeted by a terrorist attack. So far 32 have been confirmed killed, including Juan Carlos the Director of the New Panama Intelligence Agency. There are said to be a further 64 injured, 25 of which are said to be in a critical condition with 5 currently on life support machines. Shortly after the attack the following message was released."

A video showing balaclava covered Yaza Hajin followers claiming responsibility for the attack in response to New Panama's threat to enforced disbanding played.

"The terrorist cell known as Yaza Hajin has seen a sudden return in the African nation of Najambia. The following response was released by President Narino."

President Narino looked truely angry as he spoke. "This terrorist attack is exactly the reason we demanded the Yaza Hajin disband. They will not be allowed to continue their operations against the free people of the world any longer. We gave them a chance and they have made their decision. An investigation is underway to discover exactly how this happened. I can assure you the people behind this attack will be brought to justice however I cannot discuss any action that is to be taken but you can expect to hear from me again very soon."

The news reporter reappeared. "We will continue to follow this story here on the only Panamanian online news channel. That's all from me for now, this is Sara Lopez signing off."

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Croatia wants to express its condolences and hopes that there won't be any such tradgedy in the future.



Just to give a few pics. Took me about half a minute to google 'burning train'.[/spoiler]

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[center][b][size="7"]New Panama: Monarchy in the making?[/size][/b]
Over the last several weeks the supposed heir to the so far long forgotten throne of Panama has emerged. The heir who is if his story is true from the House of Santana which long ago ruled in Panama. A thorough investigation is currently underway to validate the legitimacy of his claim. If it is found to be a legitimate claim to the throne a process could immediately begin to bring him to power sooner than you might expect. Due to the Panamanian laws of succession as he is currently single he would remain a Prince until such a time as he took a wife after which he would become King and she would become Queen. This could take him straight to the top of the eligible bachelor list in New Panama.

His name is Julio Santana, he is 18 years old and currently studying at the University of Panama. He claims his father only recently revealed this supposed life to him in his will after passing away, where he writes about how the family once went into self exile to save themselves from the Holy American Empire. He then went straight to the public records office to trace his lineage and claims that it is in fact true. We expect to have the result of the investigation into these claims within the next few days so stay tuned.

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[center][size="7"][b]Royalty to be or not to be?[/b][/size][/center]

"We can exclusively confirm to you that the verdict from the High Court of New Panama regarding the legality of Julio Santana has been publicly released. In their investigation they performed strict background checks and DNA tests amongst many other methods to determine whether or not Mr. Santana is indeed the rightful heir to the throne. The result, they say, was conclusive and decisive with a definitive answer to the question everyone has been asking since the young man came forward with his claims.

There have been many different opinions regarding the appointment of a Prince in New Panama however those against it are in a vast minority. Many feel that royalty is something truly prestigious that should be embraced. Public opinion polls estimate that at least 70% of the people of New Panama approve of or are indifferent to a monarch being placed in charge.

Here on New Panama News Online we can now reveal to you the people of New Panama and indeed the rest of the world that the Julio Santana, the first of his name, is indeed who he claims to be and has been instated as Prince of New Panama. We go now to the High Court in New Panama City where an announcement from the High Court and then Prince Julio will begin shortly."

As the live video changed to the the High Court building the judge who led the proceedings to ensure their legal standing, Maria Lopez, stepped up to the podium. "We are here today to mark a momentous occasion for New Panama. Today we have instated Julio Santana, the first of his name, as Prince of New Panama. The current government will still still be in effect however the President will now serve as Prime Minister of the parliament and serve under the Prince. I now hand over to Prince Julio to make a statement of his own."

The young Prince took the stage. He was 5'11" with brown hair and blue eyes and had he not just been named a Prince he could easily have been just another regular civilian, after all for the last 18 years that's what he had been. He looked nervous but it was not unexpected, he had just inherited an entire nation. He felt the weight of the world on his shoulders, he knew this was going to be difficult but if his ancestors could do it then he was sure as hell going to give it his all.

"Hello, my name is Julio Santana. This is as unexpected for me as I'm sure it is for most of you but I am here to assure you that I intend to take my duty extremely seriously. I will bring New Panama to the forefront of the international world, no longer will we simply trundle along in the background of the wider community of nations. My first act will to be invite leaders and dignitaries from across the globe so I can get to know them and they me. Friendship is what I intend to bring anyone who wants it and through friendship and peace we will move forward as a nation together with you as my people and I as your humble servant. Thank you all for your support and patience at this time, thank you." And with that he left the stage. The video then switched back to the NPNO reporter.

"Well there we have it, Julio Santana is indeed the Prince of New Panama. That is of course until he takes a wife. He said in his statement he intends to hold a meet and greet with leaders and dignitaries from around the world and offer them all friendship. What we all want to know is will he just be offering friendship or something more to cement himself as King? We'll continue to cover this story and keep you all up to date with anything else that happens. That's all from us here at New Panama News Online, goodbye."

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