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November 28, 2011
The Empire of Kokutai
Declaration of Independence

The Great Empire of Kokutai shall, from today, divorce itself from the inferior country to the north. Immediately following the composition and transmission of this document, the Great Empire of Kokutai shall be recognized as the successor to the Great Empire of Japan.
The politicians of that inferior northern country have, through their treasonous post-war policies, disgraced the legacy of the Great Empire of Japan. This fact, while regrettable, is true.

The inferior north's area known as "Okinawa" shall from now on be recognized as the Capital Region of the Great Empire of Kokutai.
If the inferior north, or any unrelated foreign nation, violates the sovereignty of the Great Empire of Kokutai, it will be swiftly and completely destroyed.
Furthermore, the nation does not recognize the false emperor of the inferior north. From today, it shall be Year 1 of the Shin-Shôwa Emperor's reign.
Under the divine guidance of the heavens, the Great Empire of Kokutai shall once more repair the East Asian Empire.
More than anything else, this is the goal of the nation. More than anything else, this is the wish of the nation.

National Congress of the Empire of Kokutai
November 28, 2011

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[s]I tried translating it on google translate and this is what I got.

November 28, two thousand eleven state system
Independent ノ call to arms
National polity eighty-two Sun November two thousand and ten years
Manifesto of independence

Large national polity Empire Games, Lee University and a circle cutting current through the northern provinces from today. Forward and key documents written Kochirano University, the successor of the Empire of Japan in Mali empire fit into a new power immediately.
Techniques and the Empire of Japan after World War II legacy of disgrace for the Games current northern politicians there. There is unfortunately true.

The North mediocre "Okinawa," now known as Rareteiru large metropolitan area since the national polity of the Empire Games and the current selling space.
Northern mediocre, strike criminal empires breech sovereign body independent of foreign powers Ha, bit burnt quick sale.
In addition, the Emperor not known lanai flows into the North National Games. Since then, the new Showa year.
Introduction of trees in heaven, the reconstruction of the Imperial University of East Empire Hamata first major national polity.
Kochiraha foremost national goal. Lee wishes of the people Kochiraha anything else.

Empire National Congress major national polity
Eighty-two Sun November two thousand and ten years[/s]

He edited it. Disregard.

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[spoiler]That country that disgraced the legacy of the Great Empire of Japan.
"Second-rate" is an appropriate term, isn't it?[/spoiler]

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