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Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Sumatra


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[B]Official Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Sumatra

Medan, Sumatra[/b]

On this day, Sumatra and the surrounding islands announce the formation of the independent and sovereign Republic of Sumatra, hereby transferring official governance from the Oceanic Union.

As per this announcement, the Sumatran Transitional Council is dissolved as the representative of the people of Sumatra, and in its place is established the Republic. Free and open elections will be held as soon as possible to elect the first Congress and President of the Republic.

The transitional council will be running the elections, despite their relief of governance. However, their final act was to release the Republic of Sumatra Declaration of Fortitude, a doctrine of guiding principles for the governance of Sumatra.

The Declaration of Fortitude will be released later today.

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"The Corporate Republic of Noveria officially recognizes the Republic of Sumatra, and would like to establish diplomatic relations, as well to establish a basis for trade between our countries. The Republic of Sumatra is welcome to establish an Embassy in Nadrink, as well Consulates in a number of cities. We wish you well in the international Trombone."

- Nadilso Amorim, Director of Foreign Affairs

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[Quote][B]Republic of Sumatra Declaration of Fortitude[/b]

The Republic of Sumatra declares itself to be a vanguard of Libertarian ideals and a champion of individual freedom. It is imperative that a citizen of this nation be allowed to pursue his own destiny and make his own choices so long as they do not harm or infringe on the rights of others. The duties of the Republican government are to protect its citizens from coersion, both foreign and domestic, and to represent our citizens abroad on the international stage.

The Republic commits to uphold individual liberty and to maintain tenets of limited government. It is not our government's place to interfere in the personal lives of Sumatran citizens, or dictate social or cultural codes.

The Republic commits to a policy of of laissez-faire capitalism for the economy. Citizens will be in control of their social and economic destinies.

The Republic commits to providing religious freedom to all citizens. Considering the wide array of ethnic and religious groups and Libertarian philosophy, it would be a great disservice to the Sumatran people to chart any other course on the subject.

Universal suffrage will be granted to all citizens of the proper age, ragardless of race, religion, gender, orientation or creed.

The issue of marriage has nothing to do with the domains of governance. Marriage is a religious (or non-religious) institution and the government commits to a hands-off policy when it comes to the subject. It is up to religious institutions on and individual basis to qualify or disqualify marriages based on their individual beliefs.

The Republic commits to championing its populace on the international stage and always act in the best interest of the Sumatran people and their liberties when conducting foreign policy.

With this, we go forward. Every man to make his own destiny, but working in concert to drive this nation to greatness and prosperity through international cooperation and domestic freedom. [/quote]

We are pleased to to make diplomatic contact with Noveria and Ceylon. Once our affairs are in order we would be happy to facilitate exchange.

OOC: Translation: I will post a more substantive response to your diplomatic queries later tonight haha.

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The Kingdom of Cochin recognizes and welcomes Republic of Sumatra to the world. As regional neighbors we are greatly interested in exploring diplomatic and trade relations with you and we hope you would extend us an invitation to send a diplomatic delegation as soon as possible.

- Ministry of External Affairs,
Kingdom of Cochin

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"The Prinipality of Australia recognizes the government of Sumatra, and looks forward to establishing relations with our new neighbor, we share similar values and I would be interested in getting to know your leadership on a more personal level soon."
- Her Majesty Princess Yenna, [i]Victorian Empress, Tasmanian Angel, Queen of Queensland, Duchess of New South Wales, Viceroy of Western Australia, Countess of the Limestone Coast.[/i]

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The Republic of Sumatra Land Forces, an all volunteer force is ready to make the transition between OU peacekeeping forces and the domestic military.

As for offers of diplomatic exchange, nations are welcome to announce and send their ambassadors to Medan. One of the old colonial plazas has been converted into and international center and embassy row.

The foreign affairs division of the transitional government has announced that Cochin, the United Federation of the East, and Australia would be sent diplomatic messages soon detailing plans for meetings.

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[B]Conclusion of first free elections in the Republic of Sumatra

Medan, Sumatra[/b]

Tonight was the conclusion of the first elections in the Republic, which would determine the President of the Republic as well as the make up of the unicameral Senate.

The President has also announced his cabinet. Here follow the results.

President: Sukarno
Vice President: Cahaya Suryaputra
Director of Foreign Affairs: Amirah anak Safura
Director of Internal Affairs: Khadijah Bima
Director of Agriculture: Dr. Bambang
Director of Education: Hakim Mohammed
Director of Defense: Colonel Johannes Hendrik

Unicameral Senate:

Total: 100 seats

Sumatran Libertarian Party: 60 seats
Sumatran Conservative Party: 15 seats
Sumatera Orang Party: 10 seats
Labor Party of Sumatra: 10 seats
Communist Party of Sumatra: 5 seats

The SLP and SCP form a Libertarian coalition government, forming a very large voting bloc with a supermajority in the Senate. The Sumatera Orang Party is a Nationalist party dedicated to more classical conservative and nationalistic goal. The Labor Party of Sumatra is a moderate liberal party. The Communist Party, holding the fewest seats, is mainly non-existant throughout most of the country, but has a stronghold on the south end of the island.

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