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Auto-da-fé on Kingdom of Hyrule


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[center][size="7"][b]The Peoples Mujahideen of the Spanish Inquisition[/b][/size]


Greetings infidels all around,

It appears that several on this globe go against the will of Allah and think there video game characters or animals, even from a different country in some cases. All would be well if they kept there filthy habit inside there homes, but there infidels and have to shove it in other ones faces. We at the Spanish Inquisition know that this is against the will of Allah and thus shall act accordantly. Thus we declare a fatwa against these alliances. The message is clear, convert to Islam and join our side or the wrath of Allah will be on you.

And so we declare war on Kingdom of Hyrule.

[b]Inquisitor General:[/b] Unknown Sendder
[b]Inquisitor of Nations :[/b] Ahmad Shah Massoud
[b]Inquisitor of Torture :[/b] Xoindotnler
[b]Inquisitor of Forced Recruitment:[/b] WANA
[b]Harbinger of faith:[/b] Biohazard
[b]Grand Vizier of the Caliphate of Cordoba:[/b] Stagger Lee

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