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World War RP IC Thread


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(OOC: Each person is allowed to have 5 main characters (1 of them is your leader) that don’t die unless you specify yourself. They can be soldiers, civilians, government agents, etc.)

Dragania Main Characters: Emperor Jesse (leader of Dragania), Prince Brian (heir to throne and son of Emperor Jesse), Nathan (best friend of Brian), Kiva (DIA Special Agent and fiancée of Brian), Admiral Hickett (commander of Dragania 1st fleet and also a friend of Brian)

[b]IC: [/b]Ukain Islands, Dragania first fleet flagship Marigold.
Dragania 1st fleet: 1 Battleship, 2 Cruisers, 5 Frigates, 2 subs

[b]Admiral Hickett: [/b]What a great day to go out to the middle of the ocean and build a military base and research station on some islands that no one even cares about.

[b]Brian: [/b]These islands are of strategic importance. The reason we are building a base here is to help give advance invasion warning to the Draganian islands if we are ever attacked by the Eastern Empire.

[b]Hickett: [/b]Why should we be worried about them. The Drakonic Empire are long time allies of us and together we can defend against any type of attack. We even share the same religious views.

[b]Brian: [/b]I wouldn’t say that. They view Dragons as gods and we view them as protectors. There is a big difference.

[b]Hickett: [/b]There have been rumors spreading around about your father being a Dragon in disguise.

[b]Brian: [/b]I don’t know if they are right or wrong but I can tell you that once this mission is over I am going to go up to him and get some answers to these claims. [b][turns to Nathan who was asleep in the seat next to Brian][/b] Wake up Nathan. Time to go scout inland while the ships unload the supplies onto the island.

[b]Nathan: [/b]OK. Lets go.

The red dot is where the Draganian fleet is: [img]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa360/jesbro/world4-1.jpg?t=1303323857[/img]

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OOC: For future reference; Markus Wilding (Director of Alvonia), Gefreiter Hartmann (Sailor aboard Unterseeboot 115), Ivan Zielinska (General of the Alvonian Wehrmacht), Oberleutnant Christian Fenstermacher (Lieutenant in the Wehrmacht), Laura Eichmann (Alvonian Politician)
[b]Day 1, 1400 Hours
Somewhere in the South Draganian Sea
[i]Unterseeboot 115[/i]
Gefreiter Hartmann[/b]

"Hartmann!" The shouting wasn't necessary, being in a submarine and all. But, it still got the attention of Gefreiter Hartmann. "Ja, zampolit?" A few years back, Director Wilding had commissioned the creation of the [i]zampolit[/i] - political officers who were on the frontlines with every soldier, sailor and airman, ensuring that nobody strayed from the party's views. The word itself was derived from Russian, literally meaning "political captain". This particular zampolit, Schulze, was a large man with an intimidating stature. He stood over Hartmann, who had been working on a button that was stuck. "Why is the radar operator not looking at the radar?" Having fixed the button, he turned to face the zampolit. "Because, Herr zampolit, I was fixing a button that was stuck. It would be hard to man the radar if a vital button refused to respond." A blip turned their attention to the radar, which showed several ships near their position. "So, it appears we have visitors..." The zampolit turned and began walking towards the captain, who was peering through the periscope. "Zampolit, before you ask I spot eight warships...the wind has betrayed us, so I cannot spot their flags. COB, dive to ten meters." The COB repeated the order and the periscope was abandoned. Whoever was out there would not see a trace of U-boot 115.

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Eastern Imperial Main Characters: General Alexei Kharkov (dictator of the Empire), General Berthold Gregor (leader of the Imperial Army Forces), Grand Admiral Marina Averin (leader of the Imperial Navy Forces), Marshal Radi Fhirald (leader of the Imperial Air Forces)

Across the great blue expanse that was the Gehirn Sea (known to outsiders as the South Draganian Sea), several ships silently cut through the waters in perfect formation. At the helm was the [i]Suvorov[/i], the Empire's largest and most formidable battleship; behind it trailed another battleship, the [i]Rokossovsky[/i], five missile cruisers, three frigates, and, submerged in the waters of the sea, another four submarines alongside them. A large number of war vessels for a simple patrol through Provinces 10 and 11--such a statement would have been sensible had these ships been on duty with a mere patrol.

But that was not as it was. The reason the Eastern Empire was currently deploying its most powerful fleet was because a Draganian fleet had been detected to have violated Imperial territory, entering Provinces 10 and 11's coastal territory--a clear cut act of war.

Senior Lieutenant Marina Zhukov, on board the [i]Suvorov[/i], had had no doubt that this would happen ultimately. The Draganians were delusional--they believed in, perhaps even prayed to mythical, fictional creatures whose existence was disproved long ago. It was not, it seemed, entirely far-fetched to think they would attempt to make a foray into Imperial territory, considering they were not a legitimate nation in the first place--and soon they would be no nation at all. Marina Zhukov had assumed that at some point the Eastern Empire, becoming bored of allowing Dragania to exist, would move in and crush the separatist 'empire'--but instead the Draganians were making the first move themselves, which made it only that much easier.

For his own part, when General Alexei Kharkov had been given the report that the Draganian fleet was approaching Imperial oceanic territory, he had quite assumed the Draganians were merely en route to another location, or else a mistake had been made--surely they were not making a move that would be viewed as an act of war? Not that the general was going to complain, an act of war between Dragania and the Eastern Empire was inevitably going to occur; it mattered not if Dragania was the one to be causing it, the end result would be the same--the Empire reasserting its control over the territory this separatist movement 'empire' had attempted to claim for itself.

((For the record, I am well aware that Dragania is by no means a 'separatist movement'. The Empire just regards everything else as a separatist breakaway state that will soon be returned to Imperial control :rolleyes: ))

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[b]OOC:[/b] Characters: Ceannard Drustan McCrae (leader of the Free State[Ceannard is his title]), Arthur McDougal (Nàiseanta Tèarainteachd Comhairleoir – NTC [National Security Advisor]), Colour Sergeant Robert MacLeay (NCO in the Free State Army), Nathan Rielly (spook working for the Leisgeul Tùr Buidhean – LTB [Defence Intelligence Agency]), David Argyll (Áraide den Arm – Chief of the Army)


[b]Capitol Hill,
National Sceurity Meeting,
1100 hours[/b]

“David, what do you have for us today?” Ceannard McCrae said taking a seat at the conference table.

“Well sir, first and most pressing, SAT-I03, picked up the Dragianian fleet moving into this island cluster ‘ere, it is disputed territory, and with the Easterner’s attitude, there will be war.” Arthur replied, sitting across from the Ceannard. The Áraide den Óglaigh (Chief of the Defence Force) was also their and the McCrae turned to him next.

“Maor-Ghinearál, if war dose come, how could we respond?” the Ceannard asked, turning to the Air Force officer.

“We would mobilise the reserves, begin patrols of our airspace and waters, we back the side who looks as though their winning, or who offers us the best deal.” The General replied. “But we should also think about our greater tactical position, with the south at war, we aill be free to claim the norther territories across the north sea.”

“Interesting, I will keep your recommendation in mind general.” The Ceannard replied, “Arthur continue…”

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OOC: Drakonic characters: Emperor Maximilian, General Thomas Stuart [Commander of the 2nd Army], Private James Whitely [Rifleman in the Imperial Army's 15th Infantry Division], Captain John Beck [Imperial Air Force F/A-18 Fighter Pilot], and Sergeant Donald Moore [Sniper in the Imperial Army's 40th Infantry Division]

[b]Imperial Palace,
Top Secret Meeting
1507 Hours[/b]

In the Conference Room, a multitude of military commanders were discussing various topics concerning the recent events when the door swung open, revealing Emperor Maximilian II himself, escorted by several members of the Royal Guard, clad in traditional metal armor with the Imperial symbol of a Dragon on front of the breastplate. The commanders went silent, staring at the clean-shaven man in his late thirties with oily black hair and clad in a grayish-black business suit. As the Monarch sat down at a chair at the end of the long table in the middle of the room that was nearest the door, one General said "Your Majesty, recent satellite imagery suggests that the Draganians are trying to establish themselves on islands near their territory. However, the islands are disputed between them and the Eastern Empire and there's no doubt the Eastern Empire would wage war to claim the islands as their own and no one else's."

General Stuart, a prominent General in the Imperial Army, asked "So, if the Eastern Empire and Dragania go to war, who will the Empire side with?"

Maximilian thought to himself for a while before answering "Definitely Dragania. The Eastern Empire poses a serious threat to our Empire and thus, we must take every action we can to help stop them in their tracks. At any costs..."

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[b]Ukain Islands, near main island mountain summit. Nathan and Brian are on their way up the mountain.

Nathan: [/b]Do you think those rumors about your dad are true?

[b]Brian: [/b]If they are than that means I am one as well. Lets not talk about that right now. Lets talk about these islands. They are right between Dragania and the Eastern Islands yet no one ever made a public claim to them. The Eastern Empire has attacked Dragania many times before and we held them off every time. With this new base we will be able to see them coming long before they arrive.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Surprise attacks never helped them before. How would it help them now?

[b]Brian: [/b]With all the new weapons and technology it is now easier for them to do more damage in the initial attack than they could before, with this new radar station we could improve the warning time by over 6 hours. That is enough time to fortify our troops and get them ready for battle which would minimize our casualties and maximize our defensive capabilities. We could get the fleet ready in that amount of time and possibly stop their fleet from ever unloading any troops.

[b]Meanwhile on the flagship Marigold…

Intel Officer: [/b]Sir one of our patrol boats have detected another fleet on their radar, and it is a big one.

[b]Admiral Hickett: [/b]Where from?

[b]Intel Off: [/b]It is approaching from the Northeast. Heading straight for us.

[b]Hickett: [/b][b]GET ALL THE MEN TO THEIR BATTLESTATIONS!![/b] Prepare for attack! Tell Brian and Nathan to hold out until reinforcements arrive.

[b]Back on the Mountain.

Brian [on Comm]: [/b]Yes Admiral. We shall stay here until reinforcements from Dragania arrive. If they land troops on the island we shall hold out. We’ve faced armies in jungles by ourselves before. We can do it again.

[b]Nathan: [/b]I didn’t like the sound of that.

[b]Brian: [/b]We need to hold out until reinforcements arrive from Dragania. The Eastern Empire will not risk another war with us, not right now. We need to find a good defendable position here in the jungle and wait for the 2nd fleet to arrive. It will have a long range Carrier with jets that will make short work of those Eastern Empire Battleships if they do turn hostile. The Battleships have good anti-ship weapons but almost no anti-air capabilities.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Where should be make our stand?

[b]Brian: [/b]Near the top of the mountain. Their fleets big guns cant hit that high so if they want us they will have to send in the troops. They wont be able to use tanks and APC’s in that thick jungle so it will make our jobs a lot easier.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Than all I can say to them is [b]BRING IT ON!![/b]

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[b]Day 1 - 18:29 Hours
Wilding's Office[/b]

A knock came on the door. Wilding was busy looking over recent radar findings and gave the knocker permission to enter. General Zielinska entered, with Admiral Waters by his side. Markus takes his glasses off before asking, "I trust there is a reason for this?" The generals give him a sharp salute before easing themselves and begin to speak. "Indeed, sir. A report from U-boot 115 has indicated Draganian warships approaching an island in the South Draganian Sea." Markus gives them a lookover and returns to the radar. "And why is this important, Admiral?"General Zielinska steps forward, with a map of Alvonia and the surrounding nations. "It is important because the Western Empire considers all of the world to be hers - it is to be assumed these islands are hers. Look around us, Director, we are surrounded by weak, wishy-washy nations. We need to take action, Director." Markus looks over the map, and slowly nods his head. "I understand." He gets up and looks out the window, at the square in front of Parliament, known as Hero's Square. "Mobilize the men. Begin building the Panzerkampfwagen Konigstiger VIII. I have a feeling we will need it. In addition, pull back U-boot 115. I want to talk to the man in command of it." Zielinska leaves, but the Admiral stays. "The zampolit, sir, or the actual commander?" Markus turns to face him. "Both."

[b]Day 1 - 19:00 Hours
Somewhere along the Alvonian-Drakonic Border
GrobAlbonialander Division
Oberleutnant Christian Fenstermacher[/b]
The zamploit hopped off of the Sd.Kfz 251 and made his way to Fenstermacher. "You are the Oberluetnant, da?" His German was broken and he ended it with an obviously Russian word - the zampolit, like many others, was Russian. "Indeed I am. And you are?" Fenstermacher's question was a bit unnecessary, but protocol demanded that he ask. Besides, he may have been from a Gvardiya unit. "I zampolit Zawadski. You new orders have." He handed Fenstermacher a piece of paper, with instructions to begin mobilizing to deal with a potential border threat. His division would be right in the middle of all this, and it looked like war was on the horizon.

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[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1303412568' post='2695726']
Western Empire
OOC: Eastern Empire :v


Deep within the thick walls of Crugiel Fortress, General Alexei Kharkov looked down at the printed reports before him and smiled. "So the time has come that the Draganians bite the bait...." he mused, as if to himself. Around him were three of the Empire's best generals, and around them were several troops, guards of the Fortress, one of the single most well-defended points in the Empire.

"Indeed so." One of the generals spoke with a smirk. General Gregor was a man known for his overzealous ultra-nationalism--his extreme beliefs alienated even the most well known advocates of Imperial nationalism. He pushed the rectangular pair of glasses higher up his nose before continuing. "The Draganians, pitiful smirches upon our Empire, no doubt think they have the upper hand given the military forays we have made in the past."

"Forays that they think were failed invasions." Grand Admiral Averin finished for Gregor, her cold face remaining smileless and impassive as ever; she was known for her reverence of General Kharkov alone. "Forays which were truly mere expeditions to test their readiness and strength. If you will permit me to say so, they were a truly ingenious idea, sir." She turned her eyes to General Kharkov and bowed her head respectfully.

"And we've seen the enemy is certainly not near the Empire in terms of manpower." Leaning back in a chair, his boots thrown up over the surface of the table at which they sat, was the third of the Empire's ace generals--General Fhirald. Though he was known for a light-hearted and humourous disposition even in battle--which conflicted with most Imperial military officers--his tactical prowess could not be denied. "However, we cannot underestimate their abilities and advantages."

"Yes, we must fight carefully," Kharkov agreed. "While I do not doubt our superior numbers will lend us an undeniable advantage, we must keep in mind that the enemy has advantages of its own."

General Gregor scoffed, receiving in turn a glare from Averin. "The Empire not only has numbers, but technology, superior training, superior leadership, and the resources to fight a war--resources the enemy, a collection of islands, will exhaust in their attempts to fight us off."

"Don't get overconfident, Gregor," Fhirald mused. "Hey, you know they say their leader is a dragon in disguise..."

"What utter rot," Gregor replied tersely.

"Dragons are an out-dated belief of a by-gone age," Averin spoke on. "Much less to think the leader of a nation would allow his people to continue thinking such lies."

"Precisely why the Empire is that much more greater than Dragania," Gregor stated, always one to capitalise on an opportunity to praise the Eastern Empire. "Our people are skilled and intelligent, and give their minds and thoughts to no fictional entities, gods, or beasts as the Draganians do. Their minds and bodies give loyalty to the Empire alone."

"Again, we can't allow ourselves to get overconfident here," Fhirald countered. "They may be loonies, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous foes."

"They are fools, regardless, for blatantly approaching Imperial territory," Averin scowled. "For all their religious madness, one expects at least that much sense." She turned to Kharkov. "And what of the Ottomans, Your Excellency?"

"We have no quarrel with the Ottomans; indeed, in the past, we have worked with them," Kharkov replied. "Shall we require their help? Doubtful,"--Gregor sneered and said "By no means", but Kharkov spoke across him. "But should we find ourselves in need of temporary relief, it is possible they may present such an opportunity. I do not intend for it to come to that point, however. The Draganian Empire falls by our hand."

"As it is meant to," Gregor nodded solemnly.

"But we must consider what is at hand at this very moment," Fhirald said. "Our fleet is moving out, but should they deploy aircraft, the [i]Suvorov[/i]'s anti-air armaments will do little avail."

"To think that they could possibly move an entire fleet with an aircraft carrier to the territory at hand is ludicrous," Gregor snapped. "By the time it got there we'd have off-landed troops, destroyed their fleet, and had our own aircraft on their way there."

"I wish to take no chances," Kharkov stated. He turned to Averin. "Grand Admiral Averin, see to it that the [i]Kutuzov[/i] aircraft carrier is on its way to Provinces 10 and 11."

"At your bidding, Your Excellency. I shall see to it immediately." She stood up, saluting and bowing to Kharkov before walking out of the room.

"General Gregor, have the troops on board the cruisers and frigates offloaded onto the island. They have been given jungle training in this scenario, have they not?"

"Specifically for this scenario."

"Good. Ensure we have helicoptors into the air as well. See to it immediately."

"Indeed." Gregor saluted before following Averin out.

"Which leaves you to be in charge of bombing runs over the island once our aircraft get there," Kharkov said, now turning to Fhirald. "I want every possible enclave of Draganian militants decimated."

"What of potential damage to wildlife and nature? And have we no purpose for these islands to be bombing them into nothingness?"

"Wildlife? Nature? Do not waste my time, Fhirald. Those islands are only there to be Imperial territory. I care not if we must sink them into the sea to eliminate the enemy."

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[b]OOC [This is not sarcasm]: Very good job at being the bad guy.

IC: Near the top of the mountain, Ukain Islands, South Draganian Sea.

Admiral Hickett [on Comm to Brian]: [/b]I am sending 3 Special Forces squads up via chopper to help defend your position until the large reinforcement fleet arrives. [b](Dragania still has a large defensive fleet guarding the main islands)[/b]

[b]Brian: [/b]We are on the top of the mountain in a rocky outcropping, this is a very good defensible position. The only way for them to get us is to keep on throwing troops at us until we run out of ammo, and we have a lot of that as well. If they threw every soldier they had onto this island we would still be able to fend them off. The area in front of us is very exposed and will be a very good killing ground when they start coming up. The only thing that worries me is if they have air support. We have some anti-air missiles but I don’t think they will be enough to keep the skies clear.

[b]Hickett: [/b]The 2nd fleet carrier will give you are support once it is in range. The F22 Raptors will be able to protect you from the bombers and even provide strafing runs as well. Especially if Garuda Team is with them. They are flying aces.

[b]Brian: [/b]Glad to know we are in good hands. We will let you know if they start landing troops. They probably will think we are a bigger force than we actually are. Boy are they in for a big surprise.

[b]Meanwhile… Draganian Royal Palace, Dragania Capital City, Draganian Islands.

Sec of Defense Nolan Malleck: [/b]Sir there is an Eastern Empire (EE) fleet heading toward the Ukain Islands.

[b]Emperor Jesse: [/b]What do they want this time. We tried to reason with them. We told them that in order for those islands to officially be a part of their territory that they had to make a public statement about why those islands should be in their territory and they never did. Therefore they don’t have the right to tell our fleet to leave that area and if they open fire it will be an act of war, and this time we Draganians won’t be as defensive, instead we might launch our own invasion of their homeland if they even think about trying anything stupid. We have way more troops now than we did in their previous attacks and our troops are now better trained. It will be suicide for the EE troops. Not only do they have our better trained and equipped ground troops to deal with but also our much larger and more powerful defense fleet. If this does end up as a war we will be on the offensive this time. We probably have the most powerful navy in the world, backed by the most well trained troops anyone has ever seen. Plus we do not worship Dragons as gods but more like guardian angels.

[b]Malleck: [/b]What about those rumors going around about you?

[b]Jesse: [/b]My ancestors fought with the Dragons during the medieval wars against Alvonia. A time when men known as Dragon Knights were able to transform into Dragons during times of war. The last time anyone ever saw one was during the Renaissance Wars against Alvonia and the Eastern Empire, and it wasn’t even confirmed if what that navy sailor saw was actually a Dragon. I will tell Brian what he needs to know but the privilege to know the secrets I hold only goes to few: My wife, Brian, and maybe even you once the time comes. Meanwhile do you have any other news.

[b]Malleck: [/b]The Alvonians are mobilizing their armies. We think that they may invade the Drakonic Empire.

[b]Jesse: [/b]If they do we will send support. Until then I want you to focus on the things happening in the Ukain Islands.

[b]Malleck: [/b]Yes sir.

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Ottoman Characters: Pasha Osman Bayezid Osmanoğlu (Holy Emperor and Voice of Allah), Evmania Voria (Holy Empress), Zeki Osmanoğlu (Heir to Throne), Okan Ebhar (Sailor on the O.N.S Pillar, Aircraft Carrier) Ekvan Şaban (Civilian in Constantinople)

[b]In The Ottoman Capital of Constantinople[/b]

"Pasha Osman..." A muslim man, dressed in traditional Ottoman military attire, bowed beneath the emperor.

"Speak." Osman leaned forward. This man's news must be important.

"It seems Dragania....Dragania has invaded the Ukain Isles."

"This is not of my interest. Why are you here?"

"Sir....the Eastern Empire thinks those islands belong to them. Intelligence suggests total war between these two nations. Pasha Osman...we cannot let this go under our nose. While there are many countries not aligned, we have high trade and diplomatic relations with the Eastern Empire. We must stick with our allies. I suggest assisting in the invasion of these islands."

Pasha Osman sat back in his throne and sighed. "Quickly, send the imperial fleet to...destroy Dragania. Tell them no mercy. I shall be sending ten thousands men along with the fleet in our landing ships to invade. Equip a few planes with napalm. It's a jungle out there." (ooc; YEAAAAAAAAAHH)

"Are...are you sure? What about Alvonia? And the Drakonic empire?"

"God, I have forgotten about them. leave behind a cruiser and a battleship to patrol our western seas. Also, have a couple odzen fighters and bombers patrolling with them. If Alvonia or god forbid that other Dragon state invades us, we will be weakened. place 1,000,000 soldiers along our Western coast. Tell the commanders that if any Alvonian or Drakonic ships are spotted, they should be attacked immediately. Also, send word to the Eastern Empire that we are here to aid them.

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"So the Ottomans have decided to enter the fray as well," Grand Admiral Averin observed as she read the communique sent from General Gregor to the [i]Kutuzov[/i], currently on its way at full speed towards the Gehirn Sea. "Excellent. In this naval battle, we will need all the extra manpower we can get." They would need to arrive soon, however. Gregor was already preparing to land his troops on the beaches of Province 10, and the enemy was deploying an aircraft carrier as well. "...not that the Empire cannot win this battle on its own. While I do not share Gregor's tendency towards overconfidence in battle, I acknowledge our numerical and tactical advantage."

To this point, a shot had yet to be fired. The Imperial fleet was encircling near the Draganian ships, splitting into two groups, with a battleship moving to each side of the enemy fleet; the message was clear even if nothing was spoken: the Draganians were to leave immediately if they wished to prevent a bloodbath.

But it was probably too late to prevent that anyway. At that moment, General Fhirald was preparing a contingent of fighter jets to accompany a number of fighter-bombers to annihilate the enemy's position on the mountaintop. In addition, General Gregor and his troops had made their way onto the island, dividing into three camps--one on either side of the mountain, sans the exposed part; each camp was defended by dense, thick jungle terrain, which the troops knew well due to previous exercises in the jungles of the Gehirn Islands. Snipers were taking up positions throughout the jungle, and were to report all activity they saw to Gregor and his main force. If all went according to plan, Fhirald's PAK FA fighters (based on RL Sukhoi PAK FA specs) would destroy any enemy fighters that attempted to attack his modified PAK FA fighter-bombers (which, aside from initiating bombing runs on the mountaintop, were more than capable of defending themselves even if the fighters were, by some miracle for the enemy, destroyed). Any who attempted to flee the destruction once this occurred would then be forced to fight Gregor's troops on the ground. In the meantime, Averin would handle any naval attacks, confident that with her superior firepower (given she had two of the most powerful and largest battleships in the world under her command) the enemy stood no chance.

OOC: I am considering RPing a power struggle later on in the Empire between Kharkov and his generals which culminates in Gregor assassinating Kharkov and fighting Averin's forces while Fhirald handles the war in the West. I will only do this if it plays a part in the scope of the war (ie another nation becomes involved, possibly to aid General Gregor or Averin).

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[b]OOC: That is fine by me.

IC: 50 miles from Ukain Islnads, Draganian Carrier Dulana, Bridge.

Admiral Yuralan: [/b]The EE fleet refuses to leave our forces alone, and they will be destroyed if they continue to surround our forces on the islands. Their bombers are well armed with many turrets and well escorted by fighters.

[b]Garuda 1: [/b]We have faced worse before. This will be a cakewalk compared to our previous engagement with their forces over Dragania. Me and my team have faced their PAK FA fighters and bombers before and still came out on top.

[b]Yutalan: [/b]The islands are still out of range of their airbases on the EE mainland so they will need a carrier to launch their fighters and bombers. If you can find and destroy that carrier before too many planes take off you can cut off their air support. They had their chance to claim these islands before and they blew it. Now it is our turn. Get to your Raptor and do some flyovers of the islands to make the enemy aware of your presence and intimidate them until they leave. If they fire even one shot you are cleared to engage all hostile targets. Your priority is the bombers and the carrier. Those PAK FA fighters shouldn't be too much trouble for you and if you can get them away from the bombers it will make it easier to take them out. Here is a good challenge objective: DESTROY ALL BOMBERS BEFORE EVEN 1 BOMB IS DROPPED ON THE ISLAND!
You will have some support from Avalanche and Windwover squadrons. They will deal with the fighters and ground targets while you deal with the bombers. Now get out there and kick some EE butt.

[b]Garuda 1: [/b]Yes sir

[b]He gets to his plane.[/b]

This is Garuda team requsting permission to take off.

This is Dulana Tower. You are cleared to take off. Good luck up there.

Garuda 1 taking off.
Garuda 2 taking off.
Garuda 3 taking off.
Garuda 4 taking off.
Garuda 5 taking off.

[b]Garuda 1: [/b]Get into V formation and prepare to fly over the islands.

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Fhirald smiled as he watched the twenty PAK FA fighters take off, while in their midst were the bombing-variations. The fighters had their objectives: they were not to move far from the bombers under any circumstances, but were to crush any enemy craft that attempted to come near the bombers, which would themselves be firing on the enemy if it got near. Averin had at first expressed misgivings, but as Fhirald reminded her....

"The only times the enemy ever managed to defeat our PAK FA fighters were unmanned test variants. We know our next-generation fighters to be statistically superior to the enemy's F22 Raptors. We have greater cruise, ferry, and combat speed, a higher service ceiling, and more powerful thrust in the latest PAK FAs than the F22 Raptors, if our analyses are correct."

Averin scowled. "So our plan is simply to allow their fighters to berate our attack group while they make it towards the mountaintop?"

"Of course not. I'm offended you'd think I would be such an incompetent fool," Fhirald smiled self-assuredly. "We have twenty fighters out there. Ten are to remain with the fighter-bombers while the other ten will intercept enemy aircraft as it approaches the group. We still have the aircraft complement of the [i]Kutuzov [/i]here patrolling to ensure no enemy aircraft makes an attack on our fleet or our carrier. I've ensured we have the best pilots from all the Imperial Air Force out there. Don't you worry your pretty little head over it."

Averin glared at him. "Their fleet is not going to leave."

"Then we are going on the offensive, is that it..." he paused, thinking. "Is it wise to resort to war so quickly?"

"They know the Gehirn Islands belong to us. We have had facilities there in the past, though they were removed for jungle military training. We've no need to tell the world of our military ventures. And it falls to common sense that islands so near to the Empire would be used by us."

"And if Gregor would here, he would be so kind as to remind us that of [I]course[/I], the world belongs to the Empire, so it's only natural that they would know they belong to us." Fhirald rolled his eyes, knowing the eldest general's ultra-nationalist tendencies only too well.

But by this time, Averin had stood up. She paced for a moment, knowing the gravity of her decision, and then turned to Fhirald.

"The time has come."

Moments later, the Empire's two battleships, on either side of the enemy, opened fire on their sole battleship. The submarines began actively searching for the enemy's submarines, the missile cruisers opened fire on their counterparts in the Draganian fleet, and so on.

"General Gregor! The attack has begun!"

Gregor nodded. "I received the report from Grand Admiral Averin, yes. That Draganian fleet out there is an eyesore beside the might of our battleships. I am anticipating its utter destruction. Not to mention the Draganians up on the mountaintop...their presence is a stain upon our grand Imperial land."

"Yes, sir."

"But soon Fhirald and his planes shall rain death upon them from above....and any of the cowards who attempt to flee we shall put out ourselves." He seemed rather irritated that, because of the enemy's superior positioning and advantage, his forces would be unable to do much. [I]Cowards...hiding up there in the mountains. If they want the Gehirn islands then they should come down and fight like real soldiers for them.[/I]

OOC: I am using the stats of the HMS Eagle for the carrier (since as you said the ships are to be around WWII era). Also, the PAK FA according to RL stats is statistically superior to the Raptor in the ways I mentioned in my post.

Edited by dotCom
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[b]OOC: [/b]I am using an [b][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essex_class_aircraft_carrier"]Essex Class Aircraft Carrier[/url][/b] and the authorized in 1939 but never constructed [b][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montana_class_battleship"]Montana-class Battleship[/url][/b] (You can find it in the game Battlestations Pacificwhich I have. I've fought a Yamato Class Battleship with it one on one and still won). It is slow but extremely powerful in terms of weapons and armor. Plus there is another one with the 2nd fleet which is large than the 1st fleet which you have surrounded. Since you seem to be using british carrier I assume you will use either a russian or british battleship. The [b][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_class_battleship"]Lion Class Battleship[/url][/b]was also one that was authorized by the British in WWII but never constructed either. Since you are using jets that are in developement so will I after this battle. I will use Raptors for this battle but after it I will be using the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_F-35_Lightning_II"]Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II[/url]

[b]IC: Ukain Islands, 2nd fleet carrier.

Admiral Yuralan: [/b]Their attack has begun. They had their chance to leave peacefully but they didn't. They have sealed their fate. Now their battleships will sink to the bottom of the sea. Tell Hickett to open fire on the battleship behind them while Garuda team [b](OOC: You may have better planes but my pilots have waay more skills. Garuda team is a squadron composed of 5 aces.)[/b] and their anti-ship missiles take out the other battleship and the Carrier. Avalanch and Windwover squadrons (10 planes each) are taking off now with anti-air and anti-ground missiles so they can eliminate the enemy ground and air targets.

[b]Meanwhile on the ground. 3 squads of troops landed on the mountain via chopper to aid Brian and Nathan.

Brian: [/b]The enemy is approaching through the jungle and will soon enter the killing zone. There is about 500 ft of open ground between us and the jungle. It will be suicide for them if they try to come up. I want 15 soldiers on the other side of the mountain while the other 15 stay with us. We can hold here until the ship of the 2nd fleet destroy the EE fleet. When they charge be ready, they will be coming from all sides. Their bombers will probably try to soften us up before they attack if they can break through our air defences. We have the advantage here, they don't. We just need to hold outuntil the 2nd fleet arrives. [b]LETS DO THIS!!![/b]

[b]Meanwhile in the air.

Garuda 2: [/b]There are 20 enemy fighter/bombers that seem to be broken up into 2 groups of 10.

[b]Garuda 1: [/b]They are our secondary objectives. Let Avalanch and Windwover handle them while we go for the enemy fleet. The cruisers and frigates should only take 1-2 missiles/bombs to take out if you hit them head on while the Battleship and Carrier will take a lot more. Take out the cruisers providing anti-air support first, that will leave the other ships defenseless. They will probably have air support as well unless those 20 planes were all they had. If any of us die it has been nice to know you all. Now lets go kick some ass.

[b]Meanwhile in the palace offices.

Intel Officer: [/b]Sir we have confirmed reports that the EE fleet has opened fire. Our fleet has opened fire in return.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Their arrogance will be their downfall. Patch me through to the Eastern Empire leader. He may have a chance to end this peacefully before he gets what is coming to him.

[b](OOC: I am on the #MHA IRC if you want to do the chat there.)[/b]

Edited by jesbro
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OoC: I will use the J-20. As for ships: Colossus Class for aircraft carriers, the Bismarck Battleship, and the rest of the ships I shall post later. I'm lazy. :v:


Okan Ebhar sat near the communication center of the head ship of the fleet, the ONS Pillar, an aircaft carrier. He was reading a novel as to pass the time away, silently praying his ship would not be targeted. Halfway through his book, Admiral John Frey, a man with his roots in Alvonia, stepped towards Okan. "Commodore Ebhar, radio the Eastern Federation that we are here. A man on patrol spotted one of their vessels. Once you have finished that, inform the other ships to prepare their guns and troops. We're going in for the attack."

"Yes Sir!" Okan immediately picked up a phone, and searched for connection with the Eastern Empire's fleet.


Twenty jets lifted from the various aircraft carriers as part of a reconnaisance mission. Their main objective was to spot the fleet, and return information as to what the approximate fighting force was. The merchant ships full of soldiers were not to arrive until such information was known.

If they were to sight any enemy ships, they were commanded to merely send information back, and not to attack unless attacked themselves. The Ottoman entry into this war would be a surprise.

Furthermore, a military satellite had been launched from a mountina away from civilian centers. It would be used to photograph the islands as a mean of information. The glorious empire never cared for these islands before, and as such their intelligence towards them is limited at best.

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[b]Ukain Main Island.

Brian: [/b]How long until those fighters arrive?

[b]Nathan: [/b]We don’t know. Maybe an hour, maybe 5 minutes. They are mostly fighter/bombers but we have word from our carrier that Garuda Team is in the air. Avalanch and windwover squadrons will go after enemy aircraft and strafe enemy ground troops while Garuda handles the enemy fleet. The enemy has already landed on the (I’m taking a guess here) northern part of the island and they are about to enter the killing zone if the continue to advance. All our ground teams are in place at the top of the hill and are ready to rain hell on them once they enter the open area.

[b]Brian: [/b]Good. My father is currently speaking to the enemy leader trying to stop this before it gets out of hand for them. Once they make their move there is no going back. My father says that their leader said they have 3 million troops ready to attack Dragania but I think he is bluffing. We have about 1 million active troops right now with more than 2 million in reserve. They are all trained heavily in the art of combat and those are just the normal troops. The Special forces like the ones with us now know 10 different ways to kill people with their hands alone. With guns they are unstoppable.

[b]Meanwhile in the air.[/b]

This is [b]Avalanche 1[/b]. We have spotted the enemy bombers and are in position to engage.

[b]Admiral Yuralan: [/b]You are cleared to engage. Knock those !@#$%^&* out of the sky. Windwover will handle the fighters while you take out the bombers.

[b]Meanwhile back at the palace. Emperor Jesse steps into the War room.

Jesse: [/b]It is official. The only way to end this war will be to stop them in their tracks. Put the islands on alert. If they try to invade we will be ready.

[b]Sec of Defense Malleck: [/b]We still have no word from the Drakonians regarding the Alvonians. The Ottomans are also mobilizing their forces.

[b]Jesse: [/b]The Free State might still help us in our war against these aggressors. Contact them and see if they can be our allies in this war.

[b]Malleck: [/b]Yes sir.

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[b]Day 2, 03:07 Hours
Somewhere in the South Draganian Sea
[i]Unterseeboot 115[/i]
Gefreiter Hartmann[/b]

Grefreiter Hartmann was still working the radar - nothing on radar except the ships detected the previous day, but what the battle between the Draganian and Imperial fleets. "Hartmann, I will take over. Go, sleep." Hartmann nodded as the zampolit took over. If he really had qualifications, Hartmann didn't know nor care. He half-listened as the zampolit announced that Director Wilding had requested to see the captain and himself, silently laughing. Another load of bull from the zampolit that nobody except the COB took seriously. Their mission was over, and they were finally headed home.

[b]Day 2, 05:31 Hours
Along the Drakorian-Alvonian border
GrobAlbonialander Div.
Oberleutnant Christian Fenstermacher[/b]
It was the early morning hours, and Oberleutnant Fenstermacher was giving himself a headache looking at the map. His division was tasked with taking several key points in Drakoria, and they were sure to be defended. Fenstermacher didn't know if Wilding was insane or just very confident in his troops, but either way it didn't look good. The paper the zampolit had given him told him that a Schwarze Korps paratrooper division had orders to assist in the offensive, and if nothing went right, they were all he had. A soldier entered and gave him a sharp salute. "Speak." The unteroffizer lowered his salute and relaxed a bit. "Herr Oberleutnant, the offensive is to start at any minute. The Schwarze Korps paratroopers are awaiting our strike before they drop in. Are we to attack?" Fenstermacher glanced at the map one last time. He would have to now, the other divisions around him had probably started attacking as well. "Order the men to begin attacking. Tell the artillery to bombard these locations," he pointed out several forts and other defenses lined out by Alvonian satellites, "and be sure that the Badger A1s are protected by our infantry. They're not indestructible, Unteroffizer." The corporal nodded and turned, speaking into his radio. This attack had to be successful.

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[b]Draganian Cruiser Lutania, Drakonian Port city of (OOC: Put name here).

Kiva (Brian is her lover.): [/b]Captain we have been here for a 4 days and the Alvonians have not attacked. We may be here to help our allies but I don’t think they will be attacked anytime soon. I don’t like waiting for a fight to happen when we should be where the fight is already happening in the Ukain Islands.

[b]Lutania Captain: [/b]Yes it is sort of boring here but this place is beautiful. Clear water, great palm trees, sunny weather this time of year, this is the perfect vacation spot.

[b]Kiva: [/b]Sorry but you aren’t my type.

[b]Captain: [/b]These people are our allies and it is our job to help them even if they don’t want our help sometimes.

[b]Kiva: [/b]They have their own military.

[b]Captain: [/b]Yes but a combined Eastern Empire and Alvonian attack would completely wipe them out without our help. We may have a few differences in our beliefs about Dragons but we are still their friends and we will defend them until they tell us to stop.

[b]Intel Officer: [/b]Sir we have multiple contacts on the radar. [b]THEY ARE ALVONIAN PLANES!!![/b]

[b]Captain: [/b]All men to Battle Stations! Get those anti-air guns active and take them out! Kiva, you wanted action. It looks like we are about to get a lot of action here.

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OOC: Sorry for not posting in a while.

You cannot determine the skill of my pilots but for the sake of keeping it balanced I will have my pilots be of lesser skill than your Garuda squad. The [I]Suvorov[/I] is based on the Yamato-class battleship, while the [I]Rokossovsky[/I] is based on the Nagato-class. *cue flaunting how epic my ships are :v* The Yamato-class battleship had a length of 263 metres, 150,000 shaft horsepower, 26 inches of armour on the turret faces, 16 inches on the side flanks, 8 inches of armour on the central deck. It could also carry seven aircraft and also had 9 18.1 inch guns, the largest bore cannons ever mounted on a battleship. The Nagato-class was 221.03 metres long, had four shafts of each 80,000 horsepower, 12 inches of armour on the belt, 7 on the deck, and mounted 8 16 inch bore cannons, 20 5.5 inch guns, and 98 25mm anti-air guns.

Gregor looked boredly up towards the mountain where the enemy was camping. "They really are just going to sit up there and hope I suddenly come down with a mental defect and decide to send my men to attack, aren't they?" he growled, shaking his head. "I've spoken with Kharkov and received my orders. The enemy seems to think our three million troops is a bluff. Even if, by a miracle yet unmatched in military history, they manage to get a single of their filthy ilk to step foot on our great homeland, they will have every man and woman of the Eastern Empire to contend with." He smiled. "As long as I and those of my kind are alive, no foreign invader will ever touch our glorious Empire."

Averin received the communique from Commander Okan Ebhar, and established a link. "Commander Ebhar," she saluted him, having previously worked with him and the Ottomans in military naval exercises. "It is good to see our allies stand by us as we strive to remove a blight from the Earth. On our own victory was assured--with the Ottoman military we shall crush the Draganian fleet with ease. Currently Marshal Fhirald has his fighter jets escorting fighter-bombers to annihilate the enemy's positions on Gehirn Islands Province 10. General Gregor's troops are set up in strategic positions around the enemy's encampment and is awaiting the arrival of Fhirald's bombers to make a move."

As the enemy planes approached the [i]Kutuzov[/i], three squadrons of PAK FA fighters were launched from the remaining reserves on the carrier, engaging the Garuda squadron. Meanwhile, the plan for the fighter-bomber group went along as Fhirald had stated. As the enemy plans approached, ten of the PAK FA fighters remained to guard the fighter-bombers as the other ten took up interceptor positions and began to actively seek out Windwover's craft, never strafing too far from the main force but chasing any attacking aircraft away while utilising their advanced MBDA Meteor anti-aircraft missile systems and using Chemring MJU-39/40 flares to protect against any IR missiles the enemy deployed. The same went for Avalanche Squadron's attacks, the PAK FA aircraft ensuring that if they got within a specific radius of the attack group they would immediately be zeroed in on.

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[b]Capitol Hill,
National Sceurity Meeting,
1200 hours[/b]

"Sir, the !@#$% gone down, we need to pick a side." David said, as the Ceannard walked into the room.

"who is currently displaying the most power? Who is winning?" he replied sitting down. "We need to think about how this will benifit the Free State. The Áraide den Óglaigh has already prepared an expaditionary force. I feel that we can take neither side. We will send in a 'peacekeeping force' which will gain contoll of the Islands in question."

"Hmm, good idea." David said.


[b]Somewhere in the ocean,
Carrier Battle Group Eire,
1300 hours[/b]

"Alright listen up!" The Lueitenant called to the marines, as they assembled on the deck of the Wasp Class carrier. "In a few days we will be attacking Draganiaian forces. The idea is to drive them out of the islands and restore peace. We will be in charge of occupying the islands, and removing all foreign military personell, be they Eastern or Draganiaian. Any questions!?"

"Sir, no sir!" came the reply.

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[b]Day 2, 05:37 Hours
Off the Drakorian Coast
KMS [i]Wildingrad[/i][/b]

"Sir!" The KMS [i]Wildingrad[/i], Alvonia's near-flagship carrier, was launching CAS planes every second to aid the offensive. In addition to the CAS planes, the Schwarze Korps paras were dropping in now, as the GorbAlbonialander Division made it's strike. "What is it, Gefrieter?" The captain watched the newly-made Alvonian Weapons Systems 66A "Stuka" aircraft take off, loaded with bombs of all kinds. "Sir, there's a Draganian cruiser nearby. We have the KMS [i]Albonia[/i] in reserve along with the KMS [i]Klausberg[/i]. Your orders?" The captain immediately called for both ships to come in to join the fight, since the small AA guns wouldn't do much, if anything, to the protected Drakorian hulls. As for the land battle, the arrival of the Schwarze Korps would be the defining point.

[b]Day 2, 05:40 Hours
Somewhere between Alvonia and the Disputed Islands
[i]Unterseeboot 115[/i]
Gefreiter Hartmann[/b]

Hartmann woke up to the sound of an [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQkaD6fG8mk&feature=related"]alarm[/url] going off. Someone asked the captain what had happened, and the zampolit replied in broken Russian to him, "War were declared." The small submarine couldn't do anything about it until further orders were obtained, and it had to keep heading back to Alvonia.

Edited by Markus Wilding
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[b]Garuda 2: [/b]Sir, there apears to be Alvonian planes with the Eastern Empire planes. I thought you said the Eastern Empire didn't have any allies?

[b]Garuda 1: [/b]They shouldn't! Something is going on, the eastern empires never made any alliances with any other nations, the ottomans probably think they are allies but they are about to find out they are not. Don't be surprised if they start shooting at one another soon.

[b]Brian [on radio comm]: [/b]This is Brian to any F22 squadrons listening. We are under heavy fire and those enemy bombers are on their way, we have enough cover in these large rocks to protect most of my men but I don't think they will all make it if none of those bombers are destroyed. We have a couple AA missiles but that won't do much good against that many fighter/bombers.

[b]Avalanche 1: [/b]This is Avalanche leader. We are on the way. We will handle the fighters/bombers while Garuda squadron punches their way through to the enemy carrier. Hold tight, we are on our way.

[b]Admiral Hackett: [/b]We are taking a beating but we are giving them one as well. Their battleship is weak against torpedoes so if Garuda can't take it out our subs should. Admiral Yuralan, tell your fleet to engage the enemy ships that are trying to flank us. If your fleet can take them out, we can then focus our attack on their main fleet and send them running back to the mainland.

[b]Yuralan: [/b]Sounds like a plan. Lets do this and show them that they can't mess with us anymore and expect to get away with it.

[b]Meanwhile, Drakonic Empire Coastal City, Kiva has escaped the cruiser before the enemy started bombarding it and is now in the city trying to get to the Drakonic City Defense Command Post. (OOC: I am basing the city off Athens unless LBT88 specifies otherwise)

Kiva: [/b]There Command post is probably on the hill in the center of the city. I will probably have to fight my way there and as long as I go from building to building the Alvonians shouldn't see me. Besides I move so fast they won't be able to see me anyways and if any Alvonian soldiers get in my way I will kill them before they even knew I was there.

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"Pillar, come in. This is Hilvet. We're approaching the island now. Confirm that we do have permission to use live ammo."

"Hilvet, hold...........Alright Hilvet, permission to fire. Radio in with your squadron. We'll be sending half a dozen more birds up their to wipe them out. Pasha Osman says to hit the jungles hard with napalm."

"Roger. We're dropping our payload now. Thank you Pillar."

"Helm, this is Hilvet, I want you to hit the sides of that mountain. It would give them a great advantage if they used it to establish artillery of some sort. I repeat, block access to the top of that mountain until further notice."


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