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  1. Good lord I came back to this game just to see how the boiler room was, what a dumpster fire. 

    1. jerdge




      Accurate metaphor!

  2. I used to be more right wing when I played years ago, I joined Nordreich, I was attracted to more the Monarchist/Prussian aspect of it, then Nazi aspect. Being there, NoR are more people with very conservative views. Calling them Nazis would strike me as slightly disingenuous. They're closer to Kaiser Wilhelm, then Adolf Hitler. Churchill was more right wing then some of the members of NoR ffs. ... A quick look at this thread though shows that this game has a better quality of posters then a certain other game, which I shall not mention. I don't have much hope for the future of this genre, I have thought of making my own game of this style at some point, but so have a lot of people and many of them haven't finished their games in question. Personally, as long as people aren't using forums for alliances, I have little interest in returning, as the procedure seems to be completely run alliances from Discord these days, based on my current observations. Playing a pixel smashing game, with a discord attached and no actual political RP holds no enjoyment for me.
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