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  1. All I said was that his nickname In Goons was aNiMaL. I’m not sure how you translate that to me pretending anything. Either way RUKUNU doesn’t come to the forums, so he isn’t here to defend himself against slander. Whatever your opinion is of RUKUNU and his relationship with Goons is between you, and him. And of course your entitled to it although I’m sure there are some who would disagree with you. Regardless of your thoughts on that matter it is strange how you would go completely out of your way to insult him. I mean for what? What did he do to you? Why waste the time and energy to enter a thread that has nothing to do with you just to drop a random insult? Because you interpreted me stating RUKUNU’s nickname in Goons as pretending something?
  2. Updates as of 2/13/2018: The Holy Roman Empire is once again looking for member nations who share our vision of a Golden Age on Planet Bob to join the Imperial College. Our treaty with the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism is obsolete and we are now treaty partners with the honorable Alpha Wolves. We offer member nations loyalty, a voice, tech deals, trade circles, protection and friendship. Nations who wish to enter the Imperial College need only agree to our simple charter listed below: “Article I - Upon entering the Imperial ranks, and being added to the Imperial Scrolls of Honor each member nation will agree to adhere to the simple laws of this charter. This charter will not be burdensome, and will allow each member nation to run their nation as they see fit under the structure and protection of the Empire. Each member will respect this structure and agrees to respect it for the good of all the nations which make up the alliance.Article II - Only the Imperator Augustus can declare an alliance wide war. Raiding is limited only to nations who are not affiliated with any alliance. Raids must be approved by the Imperator Augustus, or the Minister of Defense.Article III - all nations must engage in alliance tech deals and trade circles. This is for the good of all Imperial Nations. All nations must be on Black, and vote for Imperial friendly senators. If the alliance doesn’t have sellers or buyers treaty partners are next in line.Article IV - The government structure of the Empire is as follows:Imperator Augustus - Supreme Monarch of the Imperial forces.Mayor of the Palace - Assistant to the Imperator.Minister of War - General of the Imperial War MachineMinister of Finance - Handles the creation of trade circles, and sets up tech deals. Prince - Nation who has been part of the Imperial College for at least sixty days, And Is engaged in a full trade circle, and tech deals. Diplomat - Voice of the Imperator to other alliances. Requirements: Nation must have obtained Prince status.Knight - New Member.” We look forward to working with you.
  3. aNiMaLz is RUKUNU’s. I mean even the name of the alliance itself was RUKUNU’s nickname in Goons “aNiMaL”. Like I said before with out him there is no aNiMaLz, and besides as it was stated earlier the entire alliance is painstakingly loyal to him. Just insanely devout. They are a family, at least the core group. And lastly I wouldn’t do that to him, I still consider him a brother myself. I’m just going to wish them the best and carry on with my business. I actually started the Holy Roman Empire before I joined aNiMaLz. Me, General Daniel, and some other guys. I originally created it to counter and in a way mock the Prussians by creating a Germanic themed alliance that occupied the territory they claimed to occupy. I got them protection from Goons 2.0 (at the time I was still in 2.0) which after they dissolved gave the protectorate to Sparta, who gave it off to the HRE’s current treaty partner Alpha Wolves. I’m going to try and help Daniel build something here and see what I can do. This time around I’m going to play more chill, refrain from raiding (at least until the number of nations in the game rises), and try to enjoy more the economic and political aspects of the game. After six hundred wars I believe I have experienced all CN has to offer military wise (although of course I will fight if I have to. I’m just trying to avoid problems, especially stupid ones. I don’t want to make the same mistakes). It seems to me you have let bygones be bygones, Hitchcock. I’m willing to bury the hatchet. We have a history we were once friends, and we fought a few tough wars together as underdogs, and have come out alright. So if you want to shake up and move forward I’m down. If you want to continue to beef with me I reluctantly accept that as well. I myself would prefer to just forgive and forget, so the ball is in your court on that one. Out of curiosity what is the deal with your league of micros? Is that a thing? I didn’t see any declarations or anything.
  4. I believe by being stripped of my improvements and wonders I have paid for any crimes I have committed. In my original post in this thread I acknowledged my short comings and wrong doings and stated my intentions on behaving myself. Although at the time I did genuinely feel for the most part my past wars were justified and I had the moral high ground (obviously except for raids. But I needed cash, and figured the ends justified the means). When we put together the first aNiMaLz constitution “honor over pixels” was a major theme. None of the original members cared about constant war because nobody expected to grow past 5-10k in nation strength. Nobody could foresee the culture of the alliance change so dramatically. The alliance evolved and I stayed the same. My philosophy was “let’s just fight for as long as it takes to get a white peace”. Most sane alliances will issue one after a few months of war just to get the monkey off their back. I didn’t care that in the process we would lose everything, but I thought we all agreed in the first charter war counts, casualties, and XP were worth more than the things money can buy. I think you forget in the beginning the brothers enjoyed the constant war. We went from Goons, to KoRT, to SNX and in each case there was a good reason to fight. Anytime I attacked someone it was to defend the Family’s honor, so I never got complaints. It wasn’t until Supreme Warlord RUKUNU decided to take things in a different direction. That’s when I started getting in trouble in aNiMaLz. I’m the first to admit I was out of line to question RUKUNU’s decision, and that he was doing what was best for everyone. Everyone agreed that’s the way the alliance would be run from now on, and I guess at the time I just couldn’t accept it. Either way it’s the past and what’s done is done. I just don’t want you to remember only the bad times. Like I said your forgetting all the fun we had together too. Being in aNiMaLz was and probably still is a lot of fun even in its new era. And if I say it may have lost its flavor I’m just saying it’s a little different from having members be able to “hit anyone at anytime. We understand personal vendettas” to how things are now. I still have friends at aNiMaLz like Christian, Lolz, Zarrr, Panther and other’s who remember, so I am content knowing at least some of the old brothers appreciate the old days, and what aNiMaLz has gone through to get where they are today.
  5. I was referring to their protectorate the UAC. Nordreich sent two of them to hit me when all the Nordlanders in my range sat in peace. I smoked them, and then started taking UAC targets. Most the alliance didn’t even know what was going on. Soon after I was getting daily messages begging for peace and asking why I was nuking them.
  6. I was never in danger of being in bill lock. When my nation was deleted I was in peace restocking nukes to drop on NoR and her allies. I wasn’t banned for having multiple accounts. The admins even admit to this on the forums. I was banned for allegedly aiding banned players. So irrelevant that you stumbled in here twice in less than 24 for hours by “mistake”? If you can’t do anything about being a coward, you can do something about being a liar. I love when people say they don’t care yet spend all their time on the subject they don’t care about. Keep rambling here. It’s funny as hell, and also I love how you expose yourself as the lying coward shill that you are.
  7. Ellen your obsession with me is legendary. You have said my name more than anyone else. To prove it just scroll through your many pointless comments. Marvel at how many of them involve me. In a time when I wasn’t even allowed to post here. Your boring and always have been. You have never been able to make anything out of yourself or your alliance. This is proven by just looking at you, and knowing the pathetic history of TIE. I have chosen a new path though, and your not part of it. I will not be entertaining anymore of your negative comments. I will not argue with a fool. My time and energy is much too valuable to be spent on a hater like you. Find someone else to spend your efforts on, because when it’s all said and done I simply do not care about you, what you do, or what you say. From here on out I chose to ignore you. Of course you can continue to ramble on, make stupid comments, and insult me unprovoked. I can’t stop you. But I can ignore you, and I will. You are not the true evil, just the village idiot, and an untrustworthy piece of trash. Your harmless, and irrelevant. You’re subjective, idiotic opinions are yours, and you have the right to have them. So yes, from here on out I will be ignoring you. You bring nothing of interest to the table. Stale, boring, Ellen. Good luck madam.
  8. Kaz we were once brothers, and fought many wars side by side. That can’t be denied. I have had some personal issues with you that I have since let go of. I wish aNiMaLz as a whole all the best. On one hand it’s kind of interesting to see aNiMaLz become a sane, normal, rule abiding alliance. I sure wouldn’t have guessed it. On the other hand I find much of the flavor has left. I myself prefer the old aNiMaLz, but at the end of the day it’s up to Supreme Warlord RUKUNU on how the family should be run. If it ever gets serious you know at the end of the day I would back anyone in that alliance. Also I didn’t attempt a coup. I never even attacked you guys. You kept attacking me and I’d fight back, but even ask brother RUKUNU I never attacked an aNiMaLz member. Monty, and Minkleburg came with me because of their own reasons. I didn’t recruit them. A coup in aNiMaLz is nonsense, and pointless. There is no aNiMaLz with out RUKUNU (he who is aNiMaL). When I started aGF RUKUNU said I could use the name due to my service, and contributions to the alliance. Whether you believe or disable I was ever an asset, or contributed to aNiMaLz is irrelevant. RUKUNU believes I did, so he gave me permission to use the name. Anyway good luck with your new era. And a word of advice: get away from NoR as fast as you can. Break, no, smash that treaty and run the other way. Unless you want to be used as meat shields and auxiliary the day someone decides to take all that unguarded wealth they are sitting on. Or stay and be meat shields. It’s just I’d hate to see that.
  9. It might be worth reminding you that neither yourself, nor Nordreich would ever stand a chance against a real fighting alliance. This has all been well documented and proven of course, so just a reminder. It wasn’t too long ago your entire Lower Tier was in peace mode, while the farms of THOSE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING were burning down. That action alone (because there are many, many more) is what exposed you to the world. Exposed you as nothing more than a polished up collection of cowards, and wastemen who lie, use, and manipulate others. All I have to do is sit back and watch. Now that everyone knows your weak, I’m sure you will get what’s coming to you. You have exposed yourself as a soft target. Also, pretending you accidentally entered this thread, and then decided to post shows your a liar as well. Carry on.
  10. Sir Knight. After your many dealings with Sir Kindle it should have been clear to you that death would just be an opportunity for him. To learn, grow, and evolve. Alas, I emphasize the latter for Kindle did not taste death in the conventional sense. He did not die, he evolved. Through a temporary death a veil has been lifted. And much like the Phoenix of legend Kindle rises from the ashes. Treachery and cowardice could never overcome a noble and determined spirit. Lies and rumor serve as nothing but “Kindling” to an eternal fire. Hitchcock listed those points fully knowing they would never even be considered. Hitchcock’s original post in this thread is only about 17% accurate (for example RUKUNU loves Kindle, and they are brothers. Ask RUKUNU yourself). But Hitchcock is not the true evil to this world. He is just a bad guy. The true evil has exposed itself. When death’s veil was lifted it all become so clear. One of Hitchcock’s points however should be honored. The one about apology. But apology only out of the ignorance which blinded good intention. Navigating the murky waters of Planet Bob can be challenging at times. Good appears evil, and evil good. Friend reveals himself as foe, and foe as friend. So indeed an apology is in order, but the apology is only needed because of ones inability to identify the good from the bad. As for Kindle’s Family, you inquire Sir Knight? Seems like they suffer the same fate as the Knights Templar who were rounded up in a single night, Friday the thirteenth, and basically murdered by a corrupt pope and a jealous French monarch. What happened here is very similar. Some went into hiding? Many were banned? Who knows? But unlike Jacques de Molay who was burned at the stake yet did not rise, Kindle returned. And rumor has it others will too. To carry on the traditions of true warriors seeking justice.
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