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  1. I never used the word professional, I just get tips because I am a good player and I'm attractive. I make money having fun while you pretend to be important running scripts in CN. I'd rather be me by a long shot lol.
  2. Why do you think I care if a middle-aged bureaucrat mocks me? Lol. You mentioned me first, I wouldn't have even noticed your presence otherwise, so since I am mentioned I am explaining why you are irrelevant in the big scheme of things.
  3. Glad we cleared that up. Now maybe stop looking down on people because you are Grand Poobah in 2019 NPO.
  4. You know which sim I play, if you're feeling froggy you are free to duel me. If you actually win, you get a date. 😘
  5. How about you keep up with changing "MMO" mechanics, I don't know about you but I doubt you make as much cash having fun as I do.
  6. I never spent that much time on stuff in NPO lol, and that was certainly one of my less colorful adventures in CN. What exactly have you done to earn this better than thou attitude anyway? Run a few spreadsheets?
  7. NPO is a tenth of the size it once was, and you think being a mid-level bureaucrat sets you apart? Haha keep deluding yourself buddy. If you don't think I could do the same job you do, you're full of it.
  8. Sorry, been succeeding in a 3D realm which actually requires talent and ability. You are free to lord over this husk, I am just here to spectate.
  9. Oh look, the ladder climber who thinks he's amazing being an NPO bureaucrat in the clan's twilight, calls other people worthless. Get a clue dude, most of the valuable govt people in CN moved on a long time ago for obvious reasons.
  10. Gotta admit Canik is the real G here. Not wasting time proving something, just clapping the competition. The tech must flow ☝️
  11. I feel free to share my thoughts regardless, I who once hosted a popular radio program for CN. My fighting ability elsewhere has grown to legendary status, but here you may address me as one of your elders; young and fair in appearance perhaps, but seasoned in the ways of this world.
  12. Terminator for more than a year engaged in wars of aggression against numerous nations and alliances, always operating from under the cloak of AlmightyGrub. It seems, however, that his hubris has grown since his original attacks against Supernova X. His attacks today against the heroes of the Imperium, though no less vile, have not the endorsement of Polaris. Sic Semper Tyrannis.
  13. Worth pointing out that the people "awakening" collected taxes and bought tech for years. Aside from a handful of clever fighters like cubaquerida, no one in the supertier got there by fighting constantly.
  14. You're not wrong, but this is a game design flaw more than anything. People are rewarded for collecting taxes and buying tech. I opted to empire-build and fight micro wars for years, and I got cut off and bankrupted in the end. Ultimately I ended up putting my energy into another realm which rewards effort over laziness. That might be the only rational solution barring admin fixing the game.
  15. Im definitely not hoping polar bails out term but it wouldn't surprise me.
  16. All this is is the typical rogues starting drama as usual. Kashmir, GK, Terminator, all the usual suspects plus some Non Grata has-beens. Eventually Term will try to get Polar to bail him out, NGers will go inactive and the GK crowd will harass 5k NS once every couple weeks but otherwise be irrelevant.
  17. If you repeatedly break server rules you will be banned. I know you have a double-digit IQ but most people understand that free speech doesn't entitle you to disorderly behavior. What a snowflake.
  18. https://discord.gg/wSRphGu Here is the updated link for the Imperial Free Speech Zone discord. Although it is no longer centered solely around the CN community, it is currently the most active known discord that is descended from Cybernations, and we have "CN nerd" user tags available for image uploading rights. Come check us out if you want a place to debate news and politics without leftist censorship! We also have lots of memes, fan-art, and other areas to explore.
  19. This world is long overdue for another great war. The strong must abandon those craven lords who, for too long, ruled from their decrepit keeps isolated from the savagery below. I have foreseen this.
  20. Silence your tongue. The only reason people align with you is because the sheer weight of IRON's nationstrength makes it too risky not to. You are not fit to speak my name, nor those of others who wage conflict for goals beyond cowardly self-preservation. I hold Methrage in higher regard than thou.
  21. Galerion was the one who did 90% of that, I was mostly fighting wars against barbarians and expanding the Imperium. My acceptance is not derived from man but from the sword. I am a warrior, not a politician. That is what separates you from me. Everyone who has followed me, in this realm and others, have done so as a result of iron and blood, not hiding behind mountains of nationstrength or duplicitous treaty webs.
  22. I have acted as no one's "pawn" thus far. However, if the officials of one party deign to treat with me, while the other immediately launches into wild accusations and insults, that gives me insight into both sides state of mind. You are conveying defensiveness and uncertainty while your opponents exude confidence and control. This situation reminds me of Bear Force One some years ago. Inability to decisively conclude a proxy conflict can sway parties on the fence towards the other camp.
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