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  1. It would be impossible to do so. Life itself is a permanent state of war; while we may individually elevate our own relative leisure and comfort, this does not mean that war has ceased or that there is not an enemy who would destroy what we have established. To forget this is to blind oneself to future attack. Without conflict, life ceases to exist. The Imperium never officially ceased being at war from the July Revolution onward. Whether engaging in offensive wars against bandits or terrorists, or defensive wars against larger exploitative powers, there was always an enemy to prepare for. It required a huge amount of time and effort to organize this permanent war but it resulted in one of the most active member ratios and counts in CN with the lowest average nationstrength. Our strategy to organize war around the forces of production meant significant new member recruitment as well as retention of veteran "siege nations" with large tech stockpiles and EMP nukes. It was the spirit of permanent war that made the ISX special and was feared by larger degenerate powers that had forgotten it. It's not something that makes for many diplomatic friendships however, nor was warfare sufficiently rewarded economically. This in itself resulted in the long-term degeneration of the game because aside from land-looting in the super-tier, the only tangible reward for war was political in nature rather than economic. It was inevitable that the game would decline when the winners are those who mostly avoid war.
  2. Try again, I've always been in the thick of the fighting. (Screenshot of victory today against #1 clan wars clan)
  3. As i said, didn't have time or energy to command CN permawar anymore. I don't need help, I just enjoy war, albeit I prefer clan wars since I am more effective when telling people what to do. https://youtu.be/_1pXBLFIPK8
  4. By left and right I mean revolutionaries and reactionaries, liberals get the wall.
  5. Book actually, and who cares whether a bunch of liberals hate a great movie.
  6. I provided a service as Emperor, primarily a military one since I enjoy and excelled at commanding wars. Most of the men were willing to permawar for the Imperium and Ideology (I+I); they were some of the most battle-hardened veterans in the game at the time. Unfortunately I was no longer able to provide the same quality of command while focused on competing in another game. But since we are sharing quotes: “There is an old song which asserts that ‘the best things in life are free.’ Not true! Utterly false! This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted . . . and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers
  7. The weak ever fear the strong and therefore fight in large numbers. The Imperium could have held out for months against the cowards, maybe years, but being that I was focused on becoming competitive in my new game I decided to resign instead. Our enemies breathed a sigh of relief when I did so, because completely destroying us would have been as difficult as invading Japan without atom bombs. While permawar is awesome, I'm glad I switched games, organizing and commanding hours of permawar is now economically productive instead of just creating rubble piles. That was always the great fault with CN, since the way to build a big nation is to hide behind treaty webs and avoid war unless it's on the pre-determined winning side.
  8. Solicitor? I've already said my clan will not recruit any CN player. I'm just here to ride through the gaming ghetto in my Rolls Royce and see how people are doing. Our economic and military policy was excellent. In the handful of times our enemies were foolish enough to 1v1 us, we significantly outdamaged and outperformed them, including the first Polar war and the Apocalypse Meow conflict. We could only be defeated by massive coalitions of bandwaggoning cowards, so all in all I'd say we had an excellent run and were probably the best alliance that existed in the later years of this game.
  9. Its quite a difference commanding battles where player skill determines the outcome, vs large numbers of bandwaggoning cowards attacking a superior strategist and winning through sheer numbers.
  10. It's a popular tank-based MMO with very elaborate clan wars. And no I'm not trying to recruit people, my clan is part of the top 1% of the playerbase and most of the players have spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours playing. I have 20k+ random battles alone (not counting clan battles) with each battle ranging between 5-15 minutes.
  11. Some time ago, after establishing an Imperium based on fair rule and efficiency, I was chased out of this realm by the forces of corruption and decay. The Producerist Revolution ushered in an era of unparalleled statistical renaissance; a period where rightists and leftists found a common idealism, where old plutocratic nations battered by war found shared economic interests with new nations exploited by tech slavers. It was the closest our world came to the Utopia envisioned by true legends like Francos_Spain, Ivan Moldavi and Vladimir almost two decades ago. Tonight I drink, celebrating successes I have never yet achieved in the gaming world since 2007. In this new realm of living tanks I fled to in the two years since my Cybernations exile, I have reforged myself into a New Man like that envisioned by those who inspired me in the past. I do not know what those who "defeated" me have achieved since then. I do know that from the ashes of defeat I have risen again, far stronger than I ever was as Emperor in Cybernations. In place of in-game text messages, my commands are now ordained by my voice. In lieu of a battle spanning 24 hrs, they span no more than 15 minutes each. No longer do I command pixel soldiers, I now organize living individuals each playing a sophisticated battle tank. The differences in warfare are stark. In my new realm, political power comes to those who wage constant war. Profit comes not to those who hide from battle and seek to protect their infrastructure. Those who seek governance can only achieve it through persistent use of military force. As in this realm, I have faced those reactionaries who have sought to set me back, to blacklist me from all forms of organized competition. But my talent for war cannot be denied. Through every setback, I have persisted in commanding small bands of outlaws, building my position and learning, and raising up armies. In a world where war is profit, I cannot be held back. And now, I am recognized as a threat by all who once dismissed me as weak. I do not know what the situation is in Cybernations today. All I can say is, from my own example, do not fear those who might claim to hold "power" in a world rife with corruption. We who have the ability to wage war will inevitably rise in combat. Glory never comes to the fearful. I do not regret a single action in this world, or the next. Let those with the balls and ability to achieve glory do so. Let those who do not, die and be forgotten. Signed The Zigur aka Junkalunka Emperor of the Imperial Assault Alliance and the Imperium of Supernova X https://youtu.be/K3aeWHz6Zok
  12. You are irrelevant today, but I'll correct some false points. 1. IAA disbanded after a membership vote chose this option over accepting a Viceroy or permawar. 2. I wasn't booted from TSK, I was demoted and afterwards left because of my hardline military stance against Nordreich The last time you did anything notable was being a troll in vox populi. Enjoy old age, Im sure senility is not far off with your memory issues.
  13. I'd bother to tell you all the cool things I did, but I don't really care what you think.
  14. In address to the morons Mogar, Lex Quintus and SirWilliam, who together average an IQ of room temperature: None of you have attempted anything remotely ambitious in CN, nor have you contributed anything interesting of note to the history of this world. You lack any monetization potential or marketable skills. You are the definition of casuals who cling to the remnants of your positions in this declining world, standing upon contrived platforms of zero merit. As casuals you lack the intelligence and/or ambition to compete in any realm that has an evolving meta. You probably don't even know what a meta is, so maybe i can teach you the first new thing you have learned in years: I mentioned my success in a meta-based clan environment in response to (another moron's) claims that I achieved nothing with ISX. In reality, I have taken my experience as Emperor with me elsewhere. Enjoy pretending to be relevant in the twilight years of CN; my time has just begun.
  15. Who are you again? What wars have you not bandwaggoned into?
  16. Who are you again? What wars have you commanded?
  17. I was explaining why Canik isn't the actual coward, the cowards were Polar and their allies attacking ISX. Of course Mogar himself is a coward who bandwaggoned us in the past, while avoiding helping his allies in TTK when they were rolled.
  18. The glory of the Imperium lives on with me in another realm. [Ooc] (Clan battles last night)[/ooc]
  19. I was not in ISX during Polar's last war of aggression against the Imperium, but it was our SOP not to request military assistance from allies in a defensive war against overwhelming odds. We certainly didn't need it the first time we gutted Polar's low and mid tiers in a 1v1. The only time we requested military assistance was when it helped control the war, which couldn't have happened with Polar's cowardly bandwaggon. So it's rather revisionist to call Canik a coward just like it was when people accused Doom Kingdom of cowardice when we didnt request their assistance. The Imperium was designed to survive extended conflicts against actual cowards who attacked us in hordes.
  20. I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a serving-man! Every night I command clan detachments in another realm, and I would not be here today if not for the rumor of war. Polar remains the menace it has been since the old spider himself returned to plague the world with his machinations. It is a grave mistake to think that anything that happens involving Grub's friends and allies are mere coincidence. His cunning is matched only by his ruthlessness, and those pawns willing to serve him are quickly cast aside when no longer needed. I have no care for politics or diplomacy; my calling is war. But unlike others, I desire just and honorable war. And no one can rightly claim that any war I called for or commanded was not righteous.
  21. Don't forget the missing step! 0. Instigate a proxy war against FTW to soften them up in preparation for a future invasion. Reduce bloc cohesion and attempt to use Legion to split the bloc or abstain from conflict. Turn the momentum in Oculus against RFI and ultimately IRON. Of course this all failed with Oculus intervening on behalf of RFI. If anyone is at risk of being isolated now it is Polar, as the combined RFI/IRON side of Oculus has alot more super-tier weight than Polar does.
  22. It is a habit of the wise to talk to the smartest person in the room.
  23. Polar will always be Carthage to FTW and her surrounding allies. Grub cannot bear for anyone to be outside his influence or control, and this dispute will not end until one side or the other is destroyed.
  24. I'd only join FTW if they want to roll Polar. Still waiting for a Polar champion to duel me in a tank 1v1.
  25. If FTW is worthless I trust there is no objection if I help prepare their milcom as a member.
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