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  1. I think the mission is a good idea. But why stop with asteroids? We should colonize asteroids and the Moon, and then we should move onto Mars.
  2. They should add different kinds of nukes, like MOABs and stuff.
  3. I had an idea for infrastructure for quite a while now and I only told a few people so far. When you buy infrastructure, it doesn't tell you what kind of infrastructure you bought. I think you should pick which type of infrastructure you want to buy and you need to buy different kinds of infrastructure to meet specific needs. Roads- decrease commute time and your nation is less likely to get the traffic jams event if you have more roads and a decreased commute time. Power- increase electricity production. You should be able to buy different types of power plants, and the Nuclear Power Plant would increase the amount of electricity produced significantly. Public transportation- subways, buses, etc.; also decrease commute time. Internet infrastructure- increases your citizens' income and increases the percentage of people who have internet access. Requires the Internet wonder. Fallout shelters- decreases the amount of land, technology and infrastructure lost from nuclear attacks (this will be the FFS's new effect). Requires the FFS wonder. Water infrastructure- Water towers, dams, water treatment plants, etc.; increases water production and your citizens' health. The more technology you have, the better types of each infrastructure you could get. You would have to pay money to update your old infrastructure. The infrastructure should also have a system similar to the improvements, where you could get a certain number of roads if you have a certain number of road infrastructure, a certain number of power plants if you have a certain number of energy infrastructure, etc. You would start out by only being able to get things like dirt roads, coal plants and water towers, but as your nation grows and you get more technology, you will unlock the other kinds of infrastructure and better versions of them. Please tell me what you guys think and if you guys have any other ideas, post them in the comments section. My suggestion is kind of complicated, but I wanted to see what you guys thought about it.
  4. The one guy above me is right. CN gets too political and new players don't understand what the older players are talking about. Even I don't understand most of the stuff. They should add at least one new improvement, resource or wonder each month to keep the game from going stale.
  5. Those are pretty good ideas. It would also be nice if you could see how your soldiers look. When you have 0 tech, they're tribals; when you have thousands of tech, they'll have power armor and hi-tech weaponry.
  6. CN had at least 25,000 players at the beginning of last month. I might be wrong about the exact number, but it was at least 25k. Now CN only has about 22k players. We lost 3,000 players in a month! When I first started playing CN, I remember it had at least 40k players. More and more people are losing interest in CN, and I think I know why. There haven't been any major updates in a long time. When was the last time a new resource, improvement or wonder has been added to the game? The Moon and Mars wonders were added about a year ago, but that's the only big update that I remember. When a game doesn't get updated for a long time, it gets stale and people lose interest in it. When people start playing and see that the game hasn't been updated in months, they think it'll never be updated. The developers need to update the game on a regular basis if they want people to stay interested in the game and keep playing. CN developers, if you're reading this, add something to the game so it doesn't go stale and so people won't lose interest in it. Add a new improvement, resource, wonder, religion, government, ANYTHING. You can say it takes time to add stuff to the game, but you're going to need to add something new if you want people to stay interested in the game. If the number of players keeps falling at this rate, CN will cease to exist! Sincerely, CSF



  9. Thanks for adding me to your friends list, that was nice of you. 8)

  10. I feel bad for you because of all of the deaths that happened in such a short period of time.
  11. How's it goin', Drinky?

  12. Awesome avatar, man.

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