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  1. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    You haven't actually read my posts at all, have you? None of them contradict anything that Term has said. It's possible that Term did mention it to people: I don't know, I don't read his mail. However, what is absolutely certain is that somebody inside your alliance absolutely did leak it.
  2. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    No, I think we were fairly open and clear about our relationship, honestly. The deal was very simple, and was explicitly explained to you, several times: you give us cheap tech reliably and don't do anything overly stupid, and we keep you from getting rolled. You failed at both parts of your job, and despite that, we still kept you from getting rolled for a ridiculously long time (and at a significant cost: the bidding for permission to roll just you personally peaked out at 2,000 tech). Then, while continuing with all of the above, you very publicly insulted your "ally"s (let's be honest, it was a protectorate in all but name) government. The natural result of your actions occurred.
  3. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Oh, I'm so looking forward to your utter and complete lack of understanding of philosophy being dragged out again.
  4. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Can confirm that Term couldn't bully a kitten. 1. Maybe Term did tell somebody. He definitely wasn't the first person to do so, though. I know, because I had somebody come to me asking for confirmation of statements from one of ISX's members that the treaty was being cancelled, before Term even had a chance to leak it. 2. You seem to fail to realise how utterly irrelevant you are. Term threatens everybody. It's kinda his thing. 3. He's never crossed the lines that you have. Ever. 4. Then kindly report it to the people running that server. 5. I notice you didn't respond to it. 6. While that isn't true at all, Bilrow was way less annoying and way more competent than you've ever been. 1. Let's be clear here. We signed you as a tech farm. Nothing more, and nothing less. We never had any particular intention of going to war alongside you, much less of using you as a meatshield. We were very clear about this in the original negotiations. 3. No, we got fed up of the number of people you were pissing off and your alliance's general incompetence at everything. For reference, the amount of free tech that we were offered for permission to roll ISX was orders of magnitude larger than the total amount of tech that ISX ever sent us. If we wanted to sell you out, we'd have done it to someone who could pay a damned sight better than SLAP. 4. Once again, we weren't the first ones to leak it. We rule the world now? News to me. You'd have thought somebody would have told me. As an actual nihilist: kindly stop abusing the name of the philosophy. Words have meanings, and that one doesn't describe anybody in Polar government apart from me. Cool. Can we put you on record predicting our rise to hegemony as well?
  5. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Please, Term is the least backstabby person I know. He's very much a front-stabber. He's not exactly quiet about who he doesn't like and what he wants to do to them. We have no particular problem with ISX as a whole. Apart from the general incompetence, we would have no particular objections to returning to previous arrangements. Yes, we sanctioned a rogue. Rogues get sanctioned. That's what sanctions are for. Let's go through these in order, shall we: 1) Nope. I know precisely who leaked that information, and it wasn't Term, or any other Polar member. 2) Yes, if you interfere in what we're doing, we'll have objections to your interference. 3) Well, yes. You keep insulting him. 4) If you notice anybody breaking our Discord rules, kindly report it to an admin. 5) Nice to know that literally everything you've ever done has been illegitimate, given that gloating and whining is all you ever do. For the rest of it: if you had said what you said in person, you'd probably have been punched, and would fully deserve it. You chose to do it here instead, and you're experiencing the results of that mistake. Neither of those is even remotely true: Grub is almost as open about who he doesn't like as Term is, and I've never seen Term do anything that could remotely be called intimidation. I find it amusing that the period in which we supposedly abandoned Schattenman's principals coincides with the period in which Schattenman himself returned to activity within Polaris.
  6. blue sam3

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Please, don't make me laugh. You're utterly incapable of doing anything of the sort: it would require you to keep your mouth shut on the OWF. Really? Because I'm sure I remember signing at least three treaties with various incarnations of that alliance, including the current one.
  7. blue sam3

    Space Wolves Pact Redux

    No it isn't. The point of war isn't to die for your beliefs. It's to make the other bastard die for his beliefs.
  8. blue sam3

    Recognition of Hostilities

    No, it's that left alone, they would have scraped together some form of coalition, and therefore done more damage to us between whenever war did break out and our eventual victory.
  9. blue sam3

    Recognition of Hostilities

    No, we've said, throughout, that we didn't ask for them from anybody. There was more than one route that they took to get to us, but the first that I'm aware of was via a third party, who got them by means that frankly I didn't ask about, and provided them to us unsolicited. It literally genuinely isn't Bern. Like, at all. So far as I'm aware, the first communication he had with us whatsoever (in recent times) was just after we declared war. NADC is no threat now, because we took action to prevent them from becoming a threat. If it helps, though, at least one of the NADC members who leaked it (not directly to us) is currently tied up in defensive wars.
  10. blue sam3

    The Entente Cordiale

    Congrats on the treaty guys.
  11. No it doesn't. It means "case of war". Please try to learn Latin before using it as a basis for your arguments.
  12. That is not how sample sizes work. Absolute sample size is at least as important as relative sample size.
  13. blue sam3

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Let's be clear here. Absolutely nobody here thinks that you are the mastermind behind anything. This is precisely because those in power are those who are good at this kind of thing. Because that's how they got into power.
  14. blue sam3

    Special Prosecution

    Might I suggest that publicly insulting your allies isn't the best possible policy?
  15. blue sam3

    Recognition of Hostilities

    I can confirm that at least three different people (quite possibly more: I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, and don't have much to do with this stuff anyway, so I may well have missed some) sent us those screenshots, and that Bern wasn't one of those three.