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History Lesson: NADC vs. BLEU






I know no way of judging of the future but by the past

-Edward Gibbon

I offer this as a piece as an educational observation. My former alliance learned some hard lessons in 2008. It would behoove other alliances to learn some of these lessons as well. The NADC/BLEU War was full of valuable lessons and examples. It would be a great disservice to ignore them.


What ACTUALLY happened (Oh the treachery!)

  • First of all, it must be understood that NADC was a political mess before the BLEU War. A large faction of the NADC was tired of Charles and wanted to join a bloc like BLEU. In addition, Charles had bouts of inactivity that were very inconvenient. Into the power vacuum swept Otto V. Bismark, who desired complete control of NADC.
  • Otto V. Bismark (then Internal Affairs Minister of NADC) sought to undermine the government of Emperor Charles. He fabricated evidence that included the theft of Polar war guides. Also, he instigated nuclear spy attacks. Then, acting as a whistleblower, he informed Polar of various "anti-Polar" events in NADC. in all actuality, it was OVB that was behind the anti-Polar events.
  • Partly based on the fabricated evidence supplied by OVB, BLEU attacks NADC.
  • OVB fails to gain control of NADC, but continues to plot for NADC's demise by feeding evidence to Polar leaders.
  • Finally, OVB outs himself to Polar, when Farung reveals his involvement.
  • Polar and BLEU eased their war activity and demands. Charles is allowed to stay in power, but OVB is sentenced to ZI for his incitations.

So, here is the summary of what happened. Polar was given very good reason for attacking NADC. It also helped that destroying NADC was a beneficial political move for BLE and Polar since NADC a huge blue alliance that refused to join the bloc. So, when OVB provided a powerful, seemingly air tight Cassus Belli, Polar and BLEU were quick to jump on it. As it turned out, the CB was conjured by an ambitious rogue spy within NADC.

Alliances can learn a few things from this.


History Lessons:

Lesson 1 - Political instability and inactive leadership can lead to massive problems internally and externally. It was Charles' inactivity and lack of oversight that allowed OVB to wreak all the havoc that he did. When selecting leaders, alliances would do well to remember activity as a huge factor.

Lesson 2 - Never trust a spy. It was revealed that OVB was spying alot during this whole debacle. He got a lot of glee out of being able to fool powerful people and big alliances. Alliance leaders would do well to remember, if a person will spy on your enemies, he will also spy on you. The knife cuts both ways. The filth of espionage is best used in small doses.

Lesson 3 - Don't make things worse. After the war started, NADC Military Operations Commander, Sayeret, ordered then Blue team Senator Gunninglike of Belgi to sanction MCXA alliances. At this point, the writing was on the wall and such an action could only extend the pain. Alliance leaders need to remember to react with the wisdom of cool headed long term planners, instead of emotionally volcanic quickdraws.

Are there other lessons you can think of?



Recommended Comments

Lesson 4: When an alliance you have an irrational hate for disbands, it's not a free pass to try smearing their leadership in every fashion possible.

Actually, that lesson doesn't seem to have been learned quite yet.

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You don't know your history, FreddieMercury.

Then again, neither does Watchman, since he joined NADC a few weeks after I did and NEITHER of us were around for the BLEU war.

You keep trying Watchman, law of averages says one day you're bound to get something right.

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You don't know your history, FreddieMercury.

Then again, neither does Watchman, since he joined NADC a few weeks after I did and NEITHER of us were around for the BLEU war.

You keep trying Watchman, law of averages says one day you're bound to get something right.

Heh... look me up sometime, KMD. We'll have a nice chat.

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Not that you would be biased, Grub, but you were BLEU's propaganda agent at the time, even using that fact that NADC's government were also its bankers as an excuse to stir the pot

Not that your version is untrue, and not that Otto's version is true. The truth is that all of the sources who have access to the true story are biased and have something to gain from "spinning" the facts a bit. Thus, the real "truth" behind the NADC-BLEU War will never be verified. However, if there's one sours that is not trustworthy, it would be someone who joined the game afterward and probably learned a good bit from Charles' post-war propaganda, which was some of the most extensive brainwashing I've ever seen.

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My ego was far too big already before you posted this Watchman <_<.

Oh and the other one too.

Balder, care to share what lessons you learned from this particular incident?

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Watchman, if I went into a full recollection of events this would turn into a flame fest debating which side is correct. I can only prove portions of what I know happened at this point and I haven't seen any proof whatsoever of what has been said above. If you're looking for a debate based on, well, nothing, then sure. If not, then there's not much I can offer. The criminalization on Sayeret is horribly inaccurate though and I find it even worse than your attacks on me, simply because we all know Sayeret doesn't come on the OWF enough to see this and defend himself. This entire article is a mismatch of historical inaccuracies and well, lies.

Edit: I'm going to strike the above statement. Regardless of what happened in the past, it's obvious neither of us will agree on everything both past and present. As such, I recommend we leave it as such and let bygones be bygones. We can debate what occurred all day and all night and make no progress. As I stated, I'm willing to put my hand out if you are.

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