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Dedication: People Not Flags




As some current events on Bob are proving, it is necessary for an alliance to build a strong dedication within its membership - especially government members. This dedication, however, should be more of a relational dedication than a dedication to some cause or ideal. A cause is easy to betray, a friend is much more difficult to betray.

I read a book recently that examined top performing corporations and what their successful patterns were. The research team found that top performing corporations maintained a central core of personnel that were relationally dedicated to eachother more than any corporate mission. This intense dedication created a loyalty that was able to withstand the necessary changes that occur in the natural evolution of a successful institution.

One of the things that I most appreciate about TSO is the atmosphere of mutual dedication and camaraderie. All of us have been through past experiences of watching an alliance disunite due to the fact that an ideology is not a strong enough adhesive. Consequently, we're tight knit, protective and exclusive.

The dedication is relational and not ideological.




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Yes, having active tight knit people who do things fosters success. Yawn.

Before you dismiss that so flippantly, you should know that CN alliance strategies has traditionally tended toward more expansive hierarchies.

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