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Sorry, I have a PM hoarding problem, lots of old warn level increase notifications for my legal library and stuff I figure I should hang onto but I don't remember what it is.

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This is 25% of my PM inbox hahahaha I guess I can get rid of the MHA spy trap warning.

So many mem'ries. Bad JuJu was a FAN operative. On the Vox spy boards, I wrote a warning to our spies about MHA's anti-spy measures, then a few days later I get PMs and queries from friends asking if I saw Brownstone Collusion's MHA spy warning. BC's Vox liaison copy/pasted my warning verbatim, posted it to their forums, and then people warned me with my warning.

Sam Gerard's mod career lasted about 5 minutes when they deputized like 10 mods in a week that one time. I miss Jiminy, that was a cool mod.




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