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On why we all REALLY fight

Lord Boris



With all the argumentation and lecturing on why people fight in the OWF, I figured I'd throw in my own analysis on why people really fight.


Simply put, war and fighting is fun. It breaks the monotony of sitting around so that every 15-19 days you can re-arrange some pixels, collect some pixel money, and build up your pixel stats. Unless you are enamored with number-crunching and pixel building (also can be read as "Unless you're GPA or similar groups"), that tends to get old after a while. It takes something else to break up the routine. The increasing community boredom eventually builds up until someone says something not so nice about someone else's mother and then the 'offended' party goes and starts rearranging pixels and lowering the 'offending' party's pixel stats. Eventually the boredom gets worked out, the party that lost the most pixels either apologizes and pays a tribute of pixel tech, disbands and takes their pixels elsewhere, or hides behind a few lines of code that prevents them from losing more pixels. The victorious party then feasts on pixels, gloats about their pixel fighting skills, and then goes back to the status quo. The cycle then repeats.

Will and Pixel Superiority

Another reason people fight is because they develop the political will and superiority in the number and use of pixels. Eventually this lets them have enough impact where they can smash the pixels of those who disagree, dislike, or are otherwise 'against' them. This leads to the eventual onset of mass pixel stomping. It also leads to the occassional, "hey guys, let's go into hippy and then vomit all over the OWF about how the party with the will and power are ebil and ruining teh game" spree, which then creates another wave of backlash and pixel smashing.


These are all the 'WTF' type fights. Examples of these include the emergence in recent months of a certain micro-alliance represented by one of the worst typists ever to grace the OWF going all-out against the ODN. These fights are largely trivial, but they generate a fair amount of laughs and facepalm moments. They also involve the "hyper-patriotism" fights, where a group believes soo much that they and their pixel buddies are the only ones with a cause that they perpetuate the pixel-smashing far beyond the time anyone really cares about them (also read as "OcUK").


Breaking things sometimes leads to improved pixel size in nations that are otherwise unsatisfied with how big they are able to get their pixels. Tech raids often fall under this category, as do the fights for the sake of racking up casualties (the currency of some alliances, such as Valhalla).

And that, my avid reader, is why we all fight.



Recommended Comments

Breaking things sometimes leads to improved pixel size in nations that are otherwise unsatisfied with how big they are able to get their pixels.

LOL, this could be taken to mean (if you twist a little) that some alliances might be insecure with their pixel size.

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