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NPO/DH War Part Two




War was hot and heavy and I watched DH and allies from my coalition spout insults and what have you left and right on the OWF. I wanted to rage and let them know what cowardly !@#$%^&* I found them to be. Then once again I stepped back and took a good long look. I heard everything my side was saying about it and I heard everything the other side was saying about it. Its funny even when I think about it now, the rage wasn't really about what was done - it was that it was done to me.

I recognize when I first joined CN in 2006, I was a very different player and had no real concept of what CN was. I saw a nation simulator and really found the war part an afterthought. Short sighted on my part really. Even joining the Grey Council I was all about building my nation and avoiding the confrontation. My first days involved me arguing sovereignty with of all people.. the NPO (or its representatives). Even later as one of the founding knights of the OBR, we worked to grow for two reasons: 1. Nation growth for its raw reason of stats. 2. Nation growth for the power of deterrence. After taking the break I realized I was missing a good portion of the game. I looked at the war machine I liked and hated the most and in the end joined them.

Here I am years later and I have a ton of wars under my belt. I am supposed to know how to build a nation, fight and navigate the political landscape as well as analyze actions and etc. I got !@#$@#$ jumped and outplayed (I, my alliance = same thing in this instance). It was then I realized it wasn't a true rage, I was actually ashamed. Ashamed I had done my part to let this happen. IO (at this point) or not surely there was something I could have done.

I watched and listened to propaganda and shook my head. Didn't matter which side it was on, it was all bs and rather sickening. When Polar ended and our war continued however, I believed and bought into the "Everything must die" reason. I saw my Emperor was inactive and away. While all this was going on, we IO's were coming up with ideas, thoughts and discussions, yet nothing could come to final head, the final decision wasn't available. Certainly our Regent could make the call, but this was about war and current Emperor Cortath did not allow for blank checks, it had to be his call and if he wasn't there, it would wait. And it did wait, over and over again. The was only one known and agreed decision; we would heed the heads up we got and keep what we could in PM to ride this out, whatever that meant and took.

I wanted to scream and stab someone at that point. I don't remember now who initiated the first talk of negotiations, but I remember hearing how it went. Oil and water, piss and fire. Yup, DH wanted us dead and everything with it. At that moment I started the rally cry "To the last pixel." By god if they wanted us dead, they would have to fight every single day to make it happen and nothing would be given for free. I personally didn't care about allies, my alliance was facing flat out oppression and if nothing else I would take as many of the attacking mother $%&@ers with me as possible. Emotions are strong like that, piss and vinegar all day. I don't remember what triggered it, but I seriously woke up one day and thought of two things; 1. Detuer Digniori. I have had it as a motto forever. It means "Let it be given to him who is worthy". 2. Shakespeare's Henry V, St. Crispin's Day. I knew there was an answer and a way to get this to a close. There was more (or rather less) behind the everything must die. Beyond the bravado is was just another war to measure epeens. The same song and dance played in this world day after day.

Everyone was getting their asses kicked no matter how much bruhaha was being taunted. Umbrella was spending money like water and actually no one was fighting to end the world, just as no one was joining to stop the world from ending. Something just didn't smell logical and I decided it was high time I did something about it. The NPO government changes were now on the horizon as Cortath explained he would be stepping down, but we would wait until after the war. Per his previous decree, Mary would run the show, but now she had true ability to give the final answer. Finally internally things could settle down and we could move forward.

While I intended this to cover more, its getting too long so I will continue it on another post in the next day or so.



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