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What I drank last night, or maybe night before, I dunno, it's a blur.




Actually, I had half a pint of Jacky D's Sour Mash, as I like to call it. But lets get to the beer part.


First, Old Rasputin. It !@#$@#$ rocks. Nice imperial stout, rich and thick. My current fling.

Try some today, kids. Er, young adults.


From some site, which mirrors my thoughts exactly. (and too hungover to write my own)

Presentation - Awesome label and artwork!

Appearance - Pours black with a 2 finger brown head that leaves a nice lacing on the glass.

Smell - Smells of dark chocolate, coffee, and roasted smokey malts.

Taste - Tastes of roast coffee and bittersweet chocolate. Has a very nice hoppy finish. The high alcohol content is masked very well within the taste of the beer.

Mouthfeel - Lighter bodied than expected while still having a creamy mouthfeel. Light carbonation.

Drinkability - Drinkable because of the lighter feel and and good flavor but prob could only drink a few because of the alchol content.


Blue Moon. Solid fruity type drink. A Belgian White, I believe, tastes strongly of oranges. Good stuff.



Mich. Light. As in, light in the pants.


It was as if some people sat around a conference table and actually said "How little alcohol can we add to water and still call it beer?"

I rather piss in a cup and drink it if it got me drunk instead of this crap. But, hey, free beer is free beer. And plus, the beer I actually spent my money on was well worth crowing about.

Old Rasputin. Awesome.



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