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Highlights from WCE: Part 7

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We're almost there folks!

[21:07] <@Poyples> um, well I know Silence is almost begging for a chance to hit 1TF

[21:07] <@kingzog> bud> IRC leaks i would be surprised with this divers of a group if it isnt already out <--- If so, it was fun while it lasted. Someone please say something nice at my funeral.

Oh don't be so silly kingzog, you know it's not in our best interests to attack now.

Now for some logs from earlier:

[19:05] <%pezstar> I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that STA goes where NpO does.

03[19:05] * Thor|dinner is now known as Thor|NoR

[19:05] <%Thrash[invicta]> Invictia

[19:05] <%Thrash[invicta]> plz fix that

[19:05] <%Thrash[invicta]> :(

[19:05] <%Olaf> Before you do, I should make clear that I can't comit Sparta for certain until I talk to my gov and sort out our diplomatic situation.

[19:05] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> i made them aware of that

[19:05] <%Olaf> We're in a hell of a bind atm.

[19:06] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> pezstar: let's go baby, i'll drive

Oh olaf-chan, you really shouldn't be in here. It is regrettable to see our black brothers plotting our demise.

01[19:08] <%TehChron> In all seriousness

01[19:09] <%TehChron> bringing in Legion or the NPO in the initial bout

[19:09] <%Thrash[invicta]> yea, I find it hard to believe I'm here too.

[19:09] <@Poyples> er, Legion couldn't have sounded any less interested in any sort of war when they asked us for a treaty

01[19:09] <%TehChron> or even inviting them to the party

[19:09] <@HeroofTime55> NPO is bad news to bring into this

01[19:09] <%TehChron> is tantamount to handing the bandwagon effect, and the "moral high ground" to GOONS

[19:09] <@HeroofTime55> ^

[19:09] <%Weebland-NSO> Chron's right

[19:09] <@HeroofTime55> NPO has to stay out

[19:09] <%Thrash[invicta]> well, that's fine.

I'm surprised they even realize we can claim the moral high ground.

19:10] <%WARLORD44[uPN-MoD]> i have run all the info on GOONS i need emails for all involved and this is not to get shared out with anyone else

[19:10] <~Schattenmann> NPO is not crazy about war with anyone right now and we respect that so we haven't asked anyway

[19:10] <%Biff[CoJ]> Just GOONS?

[19:10] <%Weebland-NSO> I'm not sure if the invitation/voluntary distinction is that important to how people will perceive this

[19:11] <@bud> NPO gets brought in they will kill this politically and you may loose any swing type AAs that would choose goons because they hate NPO more

[19:11] <@Thor|NoR> NPO needs to be a last line

Good work NPO, your reputation is such that it keeps you out of coalitions of idiots!

[19:12] <@Doppelganger> yeah but NPO was killing the game two years ago, GOONS is killing it now]

[19:12] <@bud> doesnt matter

[19:12] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> but NPO killed it for two years, vs goons' 6 months at best

[19:12] <%Dan2680[invicta]> sup all

[19:13] <%WARLORD44[uPN-MoD]> ive got two out of 36 emails i need more

[19:13] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Warlord ran parsing on GOONs. if you want the spreadsheet, give a holler

[19:13] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> our emails?

We are literally killing bob.

[19:13] <~Schattenmann> Guys

[19:13] <~Schattenmann> The question "who is worse" is irrelevent

[19:13] <~Schattenmann> It bears no mention

[19:14] <~Schattenmann> I can tell you the answer, but it doesn't matter

It's you Schattenmann, you are the worst.

[19:17] <@HeroofTime55> We need to run full strength totals for both sides, and counts at certain NS levels


[19:18] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> I love you daggarz

[19:18] <%Biff[CoJ]> Noir is for girls

[19:18] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> me too

01[19:20] <%TehChron> HoT

01[19:20] <%TehChron> we dont count Pacifica

[19:20] <@HeroofTime55> ?

01[19:20] <%TehChron> and we dont count legion

[19:20] <@HeroofTime55> I know

01[19:20] <%TehChron> Counting legion is, frankly, detrimental to expectations

Legion: doesn't count ever.

To which Schattenmann posted:

[19:21] <~Schattenmann> Listen, no one should be insulting anyone whether they're in this room or not. We're all different and diverse, but we're at one aim at this point. We're not going to repeat the stupid mistakes of Karma.

Schattenmann is a visionary leader, destined to surpass the karma leadership. truly any coalition can be proud to have Schattenman at the helm.

01[19:23] <%TehChron> <~Schattenmann> Listen, no one should be insulting anyone whether they're in this room or not. We're all different and diverse, but we're at one aim at this point. We're not going to repeat the stupid mistakes of Karma.

01[19:23] <%TehChron> Thats not an insult

01[19:23] <%TehChron> Im speaking realistically

[19:23] <@Cookavich[NpO]> cut it, then

[19:23] <%Atlashill[invicta]> Budget everything.

[19:23] <@Cookavich[NpO]> unless you just don't think legion will enter

01[19:23] <%TehChron> =/

[19:23] <%Atlashill[invicta]> Project the worst, hope for the best.

01[19:23] <%TehChron> Im not, im saying its a matter of budgeting

Of course, TehChron was being completely reasonable here, but leave it to the irrational wiles of the others to take it as an insult.

More in the next part.

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I couldn't tell if you were being ironic or not when you were commenting on my musings in that channel.

Ill just assume you were being sincere and your inability to twist it into some kind of an insult made you come across as slightly bitter.

But its nice to see the main character finally got on the stage.

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LOL. I love you Sardonic.

"01[19:23] <%TehChron> Im speaking realistically

[19:23] <@Cookavich[NpO]> cut it, then"


Im frankly shocked that that was the one and only time anyone ever found cause to tell me to shut it that entire conversation.

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