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Highlights from WCE: Part 6




The Worst Coalition Ever is built on a sturdy foundation of trust honor, and...

[21:03] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> sorry to break it to you HoT

[21:03] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> but you come of as an idiot on the OWF

[21:03] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> rofl

[21:03] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> lol

[21:03] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> about 65% of the time

[21:03] <@HeroofTime55> lol

[21:03] <@HeroofTime55> Every troll does

[21:03] <@MrWhiteOcUK> Yeah, I'm afraid Daggarz is right

Oh my

[21:04] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> as an aside, UPN is going to have to back out of a war game that involves 10 alliances. you'll see us get hell for it perhaps. But we'll commit to this real war and will have to back out of the games.

[21:05] <%WARLORD44[uPN-MoD]> i second that motion

[21:05] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> :)


[21:05] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> this leaks the surprise eh? 10.10.10 no warlord

Spoiler warning

[21:05] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> I think what will help us a lot

[21:05] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> is if a bandwagon starts

[21:05] <@MrWhiteOcUK> The bandwagon is a powerful tool

[21:05] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> this leaks the surprise eh? 10.10.10 no warlord

[21:05] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> not yet

[21:05] <~Schattenmann> We are the bandwagon :P


[21:05] <@Poyples> where do we see AZTEC falling?

[21:05] <@TCK> How many of upn and polar's allies are aware of the situation with the attacks on the uokmb members at this point, and are they willing to commit

[21:06] <~Schattenmann> Ok--should we set up a forum?

[21:06] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> you love your forums schatt

[21:06] <@bud> Forums leak

[21:06] <%Biff[CoJ]> This probably leaked


[21:06] <@TCK> Schatt we will need a forum and a milcom area. W need to start running stats etc

[21:06] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> and Invicta

[21:06] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> we have three other allies that don't know yet

[21:06] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> Poyples. most likely will us.

[21:06] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> inactive problems

Peggy Sue knows all about inactive problems

more in part 7



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