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The Blackstone Commission

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Teamwork. It moves mountains. Anyone who’s ever been a part of a team – a real team – knows exactly what it can do, and how incredible it is. And wherever you have a group of motivated teammates, you’ll have another group that is awed by what they have done and excited to see what they’ll do next. Teams accomplish what is thought to be impossible. All the time.

Teamwork is the drive behind the Blackstone Commission. And we’re in the business of moving mountains. How about you?[/center]


[b]About us:[/b]

We live in the brown sphere, are secure, and are young enough to train and accommodate a wide range of new leaders. We are adamantly against tech-raiding unsuspecting nations. We are currently a small alliance, but don’t let size fool you. A team of 20 is 2000 times better than a cluster of 100 idlers. And in most cases, will accomplish more.

[b]What we can offer you:[/b]

Sure. We can give you money. We have economic programs. We can get you selling tech so that you can buy infra until your heart’s content. But these are benefits. They are the rewards of our work. The fruits of our labor. The gifts that we give each other as members of a team to help one another so that together, we can move those mountains. What you will not see us offer are monetary incentives. The team is your incentive.


If our philosophy matches yours, we want to hear from you. Get an account on our board at:

or visit us with IRC at #blackstone on Coldfront or by using our IRC client here:

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The Commission is loaded with active members and opportunity for advancement. Our Athena Project is the best training guide I've ever seen. If you're new and looking for a place to learn the game, make friends, and advance your nation, this is it.

We're also seeking established members to guide our new nations to growth and prosperity.

o/ Blackstone!

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[quote name='Reagan' date='13 May 2010 - 03:49 PM' timestamp='1273787370' post='2297235']
Testimonial: Best alliance I've ever belonged to. Make the best decision of your CN career. Join today!
Same goes for me. Thank you so much for recommending me here, Reagan! :D

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