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Reaffirming the Past

Elrich von Richt

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All had been absolutely quiet in the country known to the world as the 'Greater Japanese Empire', and the Teikoku had remained rather inward for some time. While it did involve itself occasionally in the politics of Asia and Oceania, it seemed like the leaders and people whom supported them didn't feel the urge to direct outward any farther than their own region. There were many who viewed this as a good thing, and argued that the Teikoku should not involve itself in external affairs in other continents, and allow itself to get tangled in a web of treaties. Other countries in the past had also taken this approach in the past. Strangely enough, some even viewed the Empress as a Tintagylist in some aspects, due to her liberal policies and neutrality. The Diet came into session once every month, and these were among there topics, but one thing rested before all of the current thoughts at hand: the coronation of Taiga Suzumiya, Imperial Princess of Dai Nippon Teikoku.

Haruhi was wary, but had been relieved in the past few days. So many things that could have went eerily wrong had gone in the right direction and life had been fervently decent for once. There was no looming tensions with foreign nations in particular, trade was finally becoming more open in the continent, and her own personal troubles had been set aside and taken care of. However, she knew she wasn't finished. Japan was still in a weakened state after suffering nuclear attacks and a devastating civil war and resulting genocide. She'd need to take a stand as a strong leader in the coming years and continue to wield her power not for personal glory, but for her people as a whole. She cared about them, and she cared about their future. Such is why she would groom Taiga to become a grand ruler, and on terms with herself. She wouldn't, however, let it ruin her childhood. She had her own hardships as a child and didn't want to repeat some of her father's minimal mistakes in her own parenthood. Only the future could tell, of course.

As she finally took her head out of the clouds and began to think once more on the verge of reality, she opened her eyes. She tended to daydream from time to time, and think of the lesser things and even the larger things at scale. Upon opening them, she saw Taiga's bedroom and the rather simplistic feel it let off. The walls were painted in Imperial Red [Crimson] and the bed had small flakes of golden lacing. It was not exceptionally intricate, nor over the top exquisite. Taiga's face was beneath her, staring in childlike admiration. She was like a small angel, sent down by the kami from the heavens to cherish this Earth with her existence. She could barely hold back the tears of joy. Taiga was wearing a white coat due to the seasonal weather, and had a rather airy white dress underneath it. Her tiara reaffirmed her status, and could make her position in society known to most traditional civilians. Then, the silence was broken and the conversation began:

"So, Taiga, are you ready for your big day?"

"Of course, Mommy, I can't wait. As long as you're here to support me, i'll be able to go through it."

"That's my angel."

She smiled, and continued to speak.

"I'm glad this day could come, and we could reunite as well. I've missed you, terribly so."

"Me too, Mommy. Looks like it's about to start though."

"Right, and the preparations are complete. Shall we send out the letters, and walk outside in preparation?"

Taiga simply nodded. Haruhi then had the letters she had planned sent out, for the Coronation Event.

Esteemed Leaders of the Asia/Oceania, and the World,

The Greater Empire of Japan hereby cordially invites your leaders and civilians to attend the Coronation Event of Imperial Princess Taiga Suzumiya, Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne and daughter of Empress Suzumiya. Should you choose to attend (foreign dignitaries and leaders in particular) simply arrive by your method of choice to the Imperial Capital of Nishinomiya-shi, and give your designated position, nation, and vector information to the Nishinomiya International Airport Control Tower if flying, and if by sea, dock at Nishinomiya Docking and give the authorities there your position, nation, and docking section. We hope you will attend, as this is a glorious day for our nation, our people, and our culture. Attending would be a glorious thing.

Thank you,

Empress Haruhi Suzumiya

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"But sir, why should I go?" Duke Westly Davies protested.

Anthony Harlem stared at the former General for a moment before replying. "For one, I'm too busy--" Davies snorted a bit in derision. "No, I'm serious. There'a bit more territory than in Promised Land, and I only had to work from behind the scenes."

Davies adopted a thoughtful expression. "The other reasons?"

Anthony smiled. "Two, it's been far too long since you went ANYWHERE other than your own home in Perth."

"And three...you have children you can take with you. I doubt any other delegates are going to remember that this princess to be coronated is not even a teenager yet."

Davies blinked as Anthony finished. "Now, I know your wife can't go with you, but don;t worry, she will be watched over while you are gone."

"Thank you sir," came the stiff reply.


'For four-year olds, they are being remarkably well-behaved,' was Davies' thought as they approached the Nishinomiya International Airport (the pilot had already given the requested information to the Control Tower). And they weren't even squabbling like most people thought of twins as doing.

In fact, they had slept much of the way here, and only now, near the time to land, had they woken up.

And what's more, they continued to behave even as the plane touched down, though their faces were plastered to the windows on the approach.

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Greater Pacifica's Minister of State, Ariea Vern, will attend the function with a party of several distinguished parliamentary members and a contingent of Royal Marines.

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The dignitaries that were arriving at the airport would not be met with absolute fanfare, but with a mild greeting and personal handshakes from members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Standing beside Haruhi at the palace was the ever-anxious Taiga, her little angel. She would wait for a few more dignitaries and friends to show up before deciding to begin the coronation, but the event was already prepared and ready to go. Civilians gathering at the palace for the event were in curiosity as to what could come from the Empress.

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The children looked all around them in wonder. As Davies shook hands with those that were there to greet him, he wished he could be like his son and daughter, but any possibility of being like a child in any way had fled him long ago.

Jonas looked up at him curiously, as if to ask why they were here. He didn't have an explanation for the boy, simply leading them on.

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The preparations that had been finalized were now organized, and ready to go in full. Drivers had already arrived at assigned locations to pick up those that would attend the events of the day. An estimated time-frame for the actual ceremony was beginning to close in, and the crowd continued it's overall sense of anxiousness.

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OOC: Assuming this takes place before IA's coronation

IC: Pavel Guchkov, Yuktobania's Foreign Minister will attend the coronation.


The Yuke Tu-144 flew over the Imperial Japanese Capital of Nishimoniya-sai. Guchkov was looking out the window, among him was his delegation, and most important to him, his wife and 2 daughters Maria (age 7) and Irena (age 6).

The two kids were looking out the window, awestruck at the sights of East Asian architeture and tall skyscrapers looming overhead.

They finally landed at the airport, and the Guchkov family and foreign affairs staff came out of the plane. Where the adults greeted their Dai Nippon Teikoku counterparts.

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The preparations that had been finalized were now organized, and ready to go in full. Drivers had already arrived at assigned locations to pick up those that would attend the events of the day. An estimated time-frame for the actual ceremony was beginning to close in, and the crowd continued it's overall sense of anxiousness.

Davies nodded to his children when they gave him a questioning glance--the car was there for them. Obediently, they climbed into the vehicle along with him, one sitting on either side of him.

Obedient or not, though, they still goggled at the sights around them, squirming in their seats to get a better view.

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