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United Earth Directorate


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Name: United Earth Directorate (UED)

Forums: www.cn-directorate.com

Color: Red

IRC: #cn-ued on Coldfront

History, Charter, and Treaties: UED Wiki

cbocxj7h2n6stl7p09va.pngWhy join UED?cbocxj7h2n6stl7p09va.png

  • 2nd largest alliance on the Red Sphere
  • Guaranteed Trades
  • $3 million in start up aid
  • Protection from Tech Raiders
  • Nation Growth Programs and guides to put you ahead of others
  • Fun, ACTIVE and Friendly community on our forums
  • Plenty of opportunities for advancement in our ranks.
  • In UED, you're seen as a member and friend, not a number.

cbocxj7h2n6stl7p09va.pngHow to Join?cbocxj7h2n6stl7p09va.png

Its simple.

If you have any further questions about UED, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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We're doing great. Congrats on the Reformation!

Hows it going so far?

Thank You! Were doing good, taking it slow....its like when you buy a house and you have the whole "paper work" period to get through, and the unpacking, and the settling in.....to get through before you can actually be comfortable.

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