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Klosterneuburg Accords

Franz Ferdinand

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Klosterneuburg Accords


We, the signatories of Lübeck and Austria, desiring to contribute to the overall stability of our subsequent homelands, while at the same time, living in peace and harmony, have agreed on the following articles

Article I:

Lübeck and Austria hereby decree that they agree to sign this treaty to promote closer ties of friendship, and to offer their resources to the other in the name of defence of their opposite brethren.

Article II:

If any information or intelligence is obtained which might be of importance to either party, it must be shared to better protect the ability of either party.

Article III:

Resources can flow freely through both parties, through the art-form of import/export. Borders shall also be permanently open between both nations, unless an event of severe political note occurs, which requires dealings from nobody outside of said nation.

Article IV:

If either nation is attacked by another party, then the other nation not being attacked must come to the defence of the nation being assaulted by the belligerent.

Article V:

If either nation wishes to disengage from this treaty, then a 72 hour notification period must be served.

Signed for Lübeck,


Vega, Statschef

Ming the Merciless, Udenrigsminister

Signed for Austria,


H.R.H. King Alexander I.

Franz Müntefering, Chancellor

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"Should we issue a statement on this?"

"No. our opinion on Lubeck has already been made clear, but we do actually care what the Austrians think. In this case, since we have nothing nice to say, we won't say anything at all."

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