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UCN Circle, Fast Food, Construction, and Beer, Includes Uranium

Give Me Water

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- Aluminum ~ the rebel

- Cattle ~ Give Me Water

- Fish ~ the rebel

- Iron

- Lumber ~ Calico

- Marble ~ Calico

- Pigs ~ Kyle Smith

- Spices ~ Give Me Water

- Sugar ~ Port royale

- Uranium ~ Kyle Smith

- Water

- Wheat ~ Port royale

Bonuses: Fast Food, Construction, and Beer

Economic effect:

Income: +$7.5

Citizens: +20.89%

Happiness: +8.5

Infra cost: -28.99%

Land cost: -10%

Land bonus: +8%

Environment: +1

Bill effect:

Infra UpK: -19.68%

Soldier UpK: -$0.5

Tank UpK: -5%

Nuke UpK: -50%

Navy UpK: -5%

Military effect:

Soldier eff.: +38%

Soldier cost: -$3

Navy Cost: -5%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Post if you are interested

The fact that I would like white team nations doesnt really mean anything, it's just preferrable to me.

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i sent out trade agreements one guy accepted but the other wont

Who? Rebel? cause he talked to me and hes not gonna accept til we get it finished, which is ok. If you can, could you help send out a few messages? Cause were obviously very close to finishing.

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