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Greetings to the International Community

Ray Matveyev

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Democratic Republic of the Pacific

Greetings! The Democratic Republic of the Pacific welcomes all nations and foreign dignitaries to the Puget Sound and the beautiful Northwest! The Pacifican Republic is a small direct democratic nation of about one-and-a-half million people the resides along the Puget Sound of the former US State of Washington. I would like to invite the opening of diplomatic relations to the outside world and hopefully recognition among the international community of our nation. We seek to contribute to the enforcement of peace, nuclear arms destruction, and humanitarian relief abroad.

I am President Ray Matveyev from the Progressive Party of the Pacific. Our aims are the assistance in the democratic socialist movement, as well as the struggles for civil liberties, environmental protection, and the liberation of the working classes. We also wish to assist in all sovereign recognition efforts from ethnic and political groups alike. Ties both diplomatically to the State and to the Party are greatly encourages as the Progressive Party would like to work with foreign governments on the advancements of socialism, human rights, and economic prosperity between our two nations.

As per our Constitution we protect many civil liberties and promote direct democracy and democratic centralism within national governments, as well as our own Party. The 103-article constitution outlines the foundations of our government, and the democratic values we wish to promote. We do not recognize the illegitimate governments of fascist dictatorships or theocratic regimes. These nations are out of touch with modern society, and do not promote individual democratic liberties.

If you wish to establish a diplomatic envoy to the Democratic Republic to the Pacific, please contract the presiding officers at the Minister for Pacifican Foreign Affairs:

African nations contact: Richard Lowe, African Bureau

European nations contact: Janice Kedoskee, European Bureau

Asian nations contact (including Oceania): Robert Black, Asia Bureau

South American nations contact: Daniel Stride, South America Bureau

North American nations contact: Rosa MacFarlene, North America Bureau

Additionally, if you wish to set up an embassy contact Brandon Horslen of the Home Embassy Administration.

Thank you,

Ray Matveyev, President of the Democratic Republic of the Pacific




As Secretary of the National Assembly, I will keep you, the international community, informed on our daily proceedings as the most powerful governmental authority in the country. The ruling Progressive Party of the Pacific has a long list of goals it wants to reach for the new nation, with cooperation with the other parties in the Assembly, we have achieved many successes upon the formation of the Democratic Republic and the adoption of the Progressive-led effort of a new constitution.

Daily activities of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of the Pacific will be reported through the Seattle Times and will be accessible to the international community and all those who wish to read it. News on government officials, decisions, and decrees will all be featured in the Seattle Times's Pacifican Politics section. The first official general elections after the adoption of the constitution in April will be on the 15th of September, be sure to be a well-informed voter come election day. News on the turn out of the general election will be posted in the Times as soon as it comes.

Thank you,

Zachary Hudgins, Secretary of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of the Pacific



If you wish to read the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Pacific, please visit here:


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The Ministry for Pacifican Foreign Affairs would like to greet all diplomats to the beautiful city of Seattle, where your embassy may reside. We have openings in the Columbia Executive Tower, where you may own a few suites for your embassy. If you'd like you may own an embassy across Lake Washington in upscale Bellevue. If you want to be closer to the capital, Lacey or actual Olympia can be your choice of an embassy home. The Home Embassy Administration will make sure that all your accomodations are met and that you are well taken care of. All diplomats are given free airfare via Pacifican Airways and free domestic airfare via Alaska Airlines. Free access to public transportation is also given as well as use of a personal state vehicle or one that can be lent to the embassy staff for use in driving around the Republic.

- Carson Peterson, Minister for Pacifican Foreign Affairs

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