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Tetris is a small, yet rapidly growing, Green Team alliance with Tetris as its theme (obviously). We are laid back and like to enjoy ourselves whilst chatting about whatever random topic happens to pop up, whether it be who's the fool that's the champion of our arcade, or why the sky is blue. We realize CN is entirely about fun and as such, try not to take things too seriously, but don't think that means we are any less ready to fight for what we believe is right.

Tetris Politics

The government of Tetris is mostly democratic. All government positions are elected except for the Game Developer (the leader of Tetris). This allows for eager members to advance themselves and campaign for positions in hopes that they win and can better the alliance. Tetris also employs the use of advisors who are selected by the Game Developer to serve as the voice of the people and to submit their opinions on official matters not visible to the public eye.


Tetris guarantees it's members protection and rapid response in the case of wrongdoings by outside forces. If an outside entity attacks a member of Tetris, the Tetris government will do its best to secure a peaceful resolution and any reparations warranted by the assault. It is important to Tetris that its members not only feel safe and secure, but ARE safe and secure.

Foreign Aid and Economic Growth

Tetris prides itself on helping its new members grow and become prosperous. In Tetris, you will have the ability to participate in tech deals which will greatly benefit your nation no matter whether you are buying or selling the tech. We also run recruiting contests and other events where competitors can win themselves free foreign aid.

On the topic of Foreign Aid, Tetris does NOT give out start up aid. We have a great community made up of people who want to be there because they love the alliance. We do not want or need to buy membership.

Foreign Affairs

Tetris is always in need of people to serve as diplomats. As our alliance gains influence in worldwide politics, we will need enthusiastic members to go and visit other alliances' forums in order to promote foreign relations and to maintain friendship. There is always a need for this relatively challenging, but very rewarding job, so feel free to inquire upon acceptance into Tetris.


We always do our best to maintain peaceful relations with other alliances, but we realize there are times in which war is necessary. The members of Tetris are proud ones. We fight with honor. We pride ourselves as being a tight knit community which doesn't leave other members out to dry. We will always stand up for another when wronged, and we will always stand up for our allies. We are an alliance that will go to war in defense of an ally even if it is a losing fight. In a day and age where alliances will scramble to cancel a treaty with (or sometimes completely ignore said treaty) and ally to avoid a war, we will not.

Applying to Tetris

Well, hopefully if you are still reading this it means you are interested in applying. If so, please go ahead and switch your alliance affiliation to "Tetris Applicant" and head over to our forums HERE.

Items of Interest

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