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The New Pacific Order Reigns !!


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Greetings !!

The most powerful alliance in CyberNations has opened its doors to highly-motivated individuals. If you want to be a part of the best, I encourage you to sign-up today. The advantages are broad...

  • Your membership to the Order is more powerful as a deterrent to attack than a nuclear arsenal.
  • You will learn advanced military tactics, and financial information to help your nation grow faster.
  • The Order has many areas of specialization, making you a subject-matter expert in no time.
  • Trade-rings are arranged for you, to secure long and stable trades.
  • The greatest nations in CN reside here.

If you are interested, please visit the Order's forum:

  1. Go to the reception desk in the lobby and sign up in Membership Applications. List your recruiter as yours truly, POT FACE.
  2. Make sure you put NPO Applicant in your Alliance Affiliation, set your flag to Custom 3, and that you aren't in any wars. This will make the masking process much quicker and more efficient


Charter of the New Pacific Order

We, the undersigned nations, agree to promote national sovereignty, defend our fellow nations against outside aggression and advance the Pacifican way of life to the world.

Article I: Admission

Any nation joining the red team and pledging an oath to the New Pacific Order [NPO] requesting membership will be admitted, provided said nation does not belong to any other alliances and is approved by the Alliance Council. Nations from other teams may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Article II: Structure of the Order

1. The Emperor

The Emperor is the Sovereign of the alliance. As such, the Emperor has the sole power over the affairs of the alliance, although such powers can be delegated to others. The Emperor is the final authority on all internal and external matters. The Emperor can create any office and appoint any member to that office at his sole discretion. He is the ex officio chair of the Council, has veto power over the Council, and has the ability to block the election of specific Councilors if he sees fit to do so. The Emperor serves for life or until resignation. The Emperor will designate a replacement should the Emperor resign or die.

2. Imperial Officers

The Emperor may appoint various officers at his discretion. These officers include a Commandante, Regent, and any other title or position created at the discretion of the Emperor. These officers serve at the pleasure of the Emperor and can be dismissed at any time.

3. The Council

The Council will consist of six elected Councilors. The Emperor is the ex officio chair of the Council. This council will be charged with the day to day operations of the alliance.

4. The Pacific Army

The Commandante is the Supreme Commander of the Pacific Army during times of war. The Commandante may appoint Field Marshals and other military officers at his sole discretion. The Commandante and his military officers are charged with carrying out war plans, developing war strategy for the alliance, and awarding medals and honors to nations that have excelled in warcraft.

5. The Body Republic

All member nations of the New Pacific Order will automatically have a seat in the Body Republic and will be corporately responsible for voting for members of the Council. The Body Republic also may be asked by the Emperor to vote on other matters, at the discretion of the Emperor.

Article III: Expulsion from the Order

Any nation can submit a motion to expel a fellow member from the Order to the Body Republic floor. In order for the motion to carry 75% + 1 of the voting nations must vote in favor of the expulsion. There will be a time limit of 36 hours on expulsion votes. If the percentage is not reached before the time limit the motion fails. The Emperor can not be expelled from the Order. Likewise, the Emperor can pardon any nation from expulsion. The Emperor can also expel members on his own initiative, without a vote.

Article IV: Amendments to the Charter

Any nation can submit a motion to amend the Charter to the Body Republic floor. Discussion will take place for a period of no less than 8 hours but no more than 36 hours. If a supermajority (defined herein as 75% + 1) of the member nations voice support for the amendment before the 36 hour time limit is reached then the motion will be considered passed and carried. If it does not reach the supermajority before the 36 hour limit the motion will fail.

Edited by King Pot Face VIII
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