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Sons Of Anarchy DOE


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About Us

The Sons Of Anarchy are dedicated to protecting it's members and allies. The Sons of Anarchy are here to have fun and to make some new friends on Planet Bob and plan on being around for many TE rounds to come.


Any nation in good standing on Planet Bob is allowed to join.

Members are encouraged but not required to join the black team.

Tech Raiding

It is encouraged. Sons Of Anarchy members are allowed to attack any un-aligned nation.


The Sons Of Anarchy have treaties with both The Fellowship and Roman Empire.

Signed by the Sons Of Anarchy founders,


Richard VIII

You can visit our forums at http://sonsofanarchy.lefora.com or on IRC at #SOA

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Why this? Why care about how people are in a different game?

It's discrimination.

More trade possibilities in the Black Sphere and it also gives us the +5 happiness points for trading in house if all members are in the same sphere.

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Sons of Anarchy are under the protection of the Roman Empire. A couple of our former members decided to make this alliance, and we are more then happy to protect them. If you have a problem with them, you have a problem with us.

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