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Dragonisian Gubernatorial elections in Tamil Nadu.

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(DENN) Tamil Nadu - S.Kumar has won the recent uniparty elections in Tamil Nadu ahead of his rival G. Gates. Kumar's ownership of a major construction company and key insights into infrastructure development have been cited by experts as the predominant reason for his nomination based on meritocratic voting standards. The re'sume's of both Gates and Kumar had circulated widely in this elections and while Gates had a populist appeal and a strong history in civic philanthropy, the overwhelming need for development in the region pressed citizens to vote for Kumar at the polls. Kumar is soon to announce a plan for his first 100 days in office that should bring focus to his platform.

ooc: I hereby authorize Keshav to RP the governor of Tamil Nadu at their request so long as they keep in character by staying within Dragonisian law and staying loyal to the state.

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OOC: This by no means has any relation with my other RP's PRC. I got subtle's permission to RP both and this is just for the heck of it ( Tamil Nadu being where I'm from).

IC: Kumar walked up to deliver his victory speech-

"Fellow Tamilians, I thank you for voting for me in the last election. Tamil Nadu has been lacking in development compared to other states in Dragonisia and as such I am here to improve the infrastructure. For the next 5 years as the Governor of Tamil Nadu I plan to make Tamil Nadu the leading state in the areas of development/ Information & Technology/ and Education. We have the resources but we need the proper direction to grow. We have been lacking with strong leaders on various issues such as the water from the river Cauvery has not been coming into our dams because of the failure of the last Governor and his cabinet. As such we plan on developing the state in all regions.

The first 100 day plan shall be simple-

We shall be re laying the train tracks to cover from Chennai city to Kanyakumari covering the whole state. Within the first 100 days we should have released our financial budget and start work on the rail tracks. After that we shall get to work on laying proper roads. We plan on making this state the most connected state with nearly all villages connected via roads and trains for easy transport for our state citizens.

Thanking you,

Suresh Kumar. "

He walks of the stage as the curtains close having a picture with him in his famous victory pose.

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The Chairman receives the 100 day plan after Congress approves the delegations for the state budget in the region. He places his seal of approval on it, passes it off to the budget office and Kumar now has federal funding access from the government of Dragonisia to help with his projects in his regions

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Kumar sitting at Fort St.George commonly known as the Collectorate receives the seal of approval and immediately gets the Corporation of Tamil Nadu to get workers started on the railway project. Project Unigauge as it is called was underway and Kumar was happy. He was relieved after all the tension and rallies to project himself as Governor. He has one more problem, he has to select his cabinet and it shall be a hard decision, once the ministers are sworn in he shall have less tension.

He waited for the first session of the Tamil Nadu parliament to select his cabinet before spending the night in the Raj Bhavan. He couldn't wait to take a much needed vacation before he works on the financial budget with the Dragonisian government and his finanace minister.

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