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I'd like to invite all who are interested to check out Gaia. We're a virtually new alliance that, so far, has no initiative other than to help out its nations in the event of attack. However, this will change as soon as we get more members who are willing to input their ideas. Generally, I see this as a peaceful alliance, but, again, that could change. Whoever wants to be apart of a work in progress should check us out.

Our forum is at: GAIA

Well, that's it for the quick synopsis. Now, for the bribe...

50k to the first 5 new members with strength under 1000!

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Umm... We really have nothing to do with gaiaonline. "Gaia" is just a cool name. If we were apart of gaiaonline, we would probably have many more members. Please don't assume.

Now that I think of it, having an alliance named "Gaia" already in the game would have the nice side effect of limiting gaiaonline's choice of names, should it choose to create an alliance here. *shudders*

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