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The Marscury-Hansa Economic Pact

Sarah Tintagyl

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Economic Cooperation between the Hanseatic Commonwealth and the Marscurian Empire


The Marscury-Hansa Economic Pact

Article I - Justification

The signatories of this pact, do so to promote friendship between the peoples of the Marscurian Empire and the Hanseatic Commonwealth.

Article II - Non Aggression

Signatories agree to not take hostile acts against the other such as acts of espionage, third party intervention, and open warfare. Signatories are not required to defend other signatories if under an attack by a third party.

Article III - Economic and Technological Cooperation

Each signatory agrees to provide economic assistance to the other signatories should it ever be needed. All signatory ports are open to military and civilian vessels of the other signatories during peace time and during war. To promote commerce and trade each signatory agrees to lower or eliminate tariffs on specific goods. In addition, each signatory of this treaty agrees to share any relevant intelligence amongst one another if said information pertains a possible threat to the survival of any signatory. The information is to be shared privately unless the signatories with which the intelligence has been shared with agree to release the information to the public.

Article IV - Termination

If one of the Signatories chooses to terminate this pact, they must give 48 hours notice before the treaty is officially dissolved.

For the Hanseatic Commonwealth,

Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector

For Marscurian Pakistan,

Mikhail Stein, Sultan of Marscurian Pakistan

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