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Joint announcement From The KE and Pax Pacis

Stefano Palmieri

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The Vinh Accords.

Preamble: The Nations of Pax Pacis and the Khmer Empire have signed this agreement as a sign of mutual understanding.

Article I; Non Agression:

The Nations of Pax Pacis and the Khmer Empire agree to never engage in hostile acts against each other.

Article II; Trade:

Trade between the signed nations shall be tariff free as tariffs only hinder the growth of nations.

Article III; Vinh:

The town of Vinh will be transfered from Khmer Control to Pax Pacis Control.

Article IV: Ports:

All ports shall be opened to both signatories in times of peace and War.

Article V; Borders:

All borders shall be open to the others. They can only be closed in the event of a plauge or some other biological hazard.


Article VI; Defence:

An attack on one signatory will be considered an attack on the Other

Article VII; Agression:

If one signatory engages in agressive actions the other will give whatever aid is required.

Article VIII; Intelligence:

Both Parties will share any and All intelligence that they aquire on global affairs.

Article IX; Military Access:

Both Siganotories have military acess through the other with prior notification.

Article X; War:

Prior to war being declared, each signatory shall give the other notification of its intent to go to war.


Signed for the Khmer Empire:

Hun Sen, King of the Khmer, Emperor of the Vietnamese.

Signed for Pax Pacis.

Natarle Badgiruel, leader of Pax Pacis

OOC:Reminder that articles VI-X are classified :)

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