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A Shocking Event

Markus Wilding

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OOC: Before you do anything OOC, just remember: I like to experiment. If that sort of thing gives me enemies here, so be it. This experiment failed, unfortunetly.

IC: Director Guinee now knew why he was relectant to take this job in the first place. Too much stress, too much travel, too few vacation days. He sighed, adjusted his tie and walked onto the stage, the audience fully pumped for a rousing speech. Instead, they got the worst news any citizens of a country could recieve.

People of Pangong, when our tiny civil war began, I quickly rose to the top ranks. Before I knew it, I had become the ruler of this island. This island we call home.

Today, the stress of the position has gotten to me. I officially resign as Director and hand the country over to our former protectors. They deserve the land more than I do. The military has been disbanded, they are now headed home. Goodbye forever, Pangong.

He walked off and drove back home, a simple, modest two-story home he bought a few days ago. Pangong, just like the Fourth Reich, ceases to exist.

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