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Socialist Workers Front

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Welcome comrades to the Front, a Leftist alliance in Cyber Nations.

The SWF is a directly democratic alliance based upon the ideal of giving power to the people, where it belongs. Socialists, communists, and anarchists are all welcome to join and fight side by side against oppression, exploitation, and the tyranny of fascism. If these seem like ideals you believe in join us! Read below to find out how you can and what the benefits of membership are.


If you like the sound of the alliance and feel it is the place for you, follow these simple steps to become a member.

I. Submit your application

You need to post your application in our sign up thread, HERE.

Here is an example of an application:

Hi I'd like to join.

Nation Name: Celtia

Nation Ruler: the flaming celt

Past Alliances: ICP, ICSN

Are you currently engaged in any wars: No

Also will I get an aid when I join?

II. Change your Alliance Affiliation

The final step is to set your Alliance Affiliation to "Socialist Workers Front". Please follow these simple steps.

1. Go to Cybernations.net and log in.

2. Click "Edit My Nation"


3. Click "Alliance Affiliation tab"


4. Scroll down and click "Specify Other"


5. Type "Socialist Workers Front"


6. Click "Save Changes"


Once you have done these to things you will be a full member of the SWF and open to all the benefits we offer. We look forward to your application.



We hold the rights of our members above all else as an alliance. Here is what you can expect when you join.


The SWF is a direct democracy led by the General Congress where all members vote to make decisions and run the alliance. We have elected leaders who help manage the alliance and act as public leaders but all power is held by the people.

Freedom of Speech

All members of the SWF are guaranteed free speech in all its forms. Whether it is public or in the privacy of our forums you, will not be persecuted for speaking your mind against the leadership, fellow members, or foreign alliances provided the criticism is valid and thoughtful and not just insults. New ideas and radical opinions are respected and encouraged, not attacked.


New members with little experience or understanding of the game are welcomed. We will do everything we can as an alliance to teach and guide you to play Cyber Nations and participate in the game politics that make it so dynamic and interesting.

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