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The Markov Cup.

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Markov Electronics is hosting an air race for single prop, passenger seaplanes on June 30th.

Aircraft manufacturers & other aviators from around the world are encouraged to enter into this inaugural race.

There shall be live television coverage across the nation and television rights will be available to interested foreign media providers.


First Prize: 2 million dollars + Gold Trophy

Second Prize: 1 million dollars + Silver Trophy

Third Prize: 1/2 million dollars + Bronze Trophy

Entry Rules & Conditions:

1: The entrants aircraft must be be a single propeller driven seaplane capable of carrying at least 3 passengers in addition to the pilot.

2: The race shall be a time trial with each aircraft making three laps of the island going outside of marker buoys set up for the race, and the average time shall be recorded.

3: The winner shall be the aircraft that posts the shortest average time.

OOC: Post a suitable aircraft's statistics with your entry, the winner shall be the one with the highest top speed, or randomly chosen in the event of a tie in this stat.

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* Crew: 1 pilot, Three harnesses will be strapped to the wings and bottom of the plane to facilitate the Three man passenger rule

* Length: 8.32 m (27 ft 3.5 in)

* Wingspan: 9.48 m (31 ft 1.25 in)

* Height: 3.30 m (10.83 ft)

* Wing area: 15 m² (151.46 ft²)

* Empty weight: 2,505 kg (5,512 lb)

* Loaded weight: 2,907 kg (6,409 lb)

* Max takeoff weight: 3,031 kg (6,669 lb)

* Powerplant: 1× Fiat AS-6 Liquid-cooled V24 engine, 2,126 kW (2,850 hp)


* Maximum speed: 709.209 km/h (382.9 kn, 440.681 mph(world speed record)

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This is a race for propeller driven aircraft.

You plane is a jet if I am not mistaken.

If enough jets express interest I will open a separate division for them,

But for the time being only propeller aircraft may enter.

OOC: I saw that rule after I posted, and have made an edit accordingly :awesome:

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Crew: 1 pilot

Passengers 3

Length: 13.50 m (44 ft 3½ in)

Wingspan: 19.00 m (62 ft 4 in)

Height: 4.40 m (14 ft 9 in)

Empty weight: 2,718 kg (5,990 lb)

Range: 1,500 km (810 nm, 930 mi)

Powerplant: 1× Mikulin AM-34N V12 engine, 559 kW (750 hp)

Guns (just in case ;) ): 2x7.62mm Machine guns

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