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Allied Libertarian Emergence

Ron Paul

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Allied Libertarian Emergence is an alliance created for the camaraderie and mutual defense of fellow members. ALE is neutral and non-aggressive, but don't confuse us with pacifists. There are a few prerequisites for applicant consideration. One must be:

1. libertarian in nature. It is not necessary to be a member of the Libertarian Party as most members disagree with some parts of the official Party platform. ALE has both Big "L" and small "l" libertarian members. We are freedom-loving Constitutionalists.

2. free-market capitalist

3. 100% pro-gun. What part of "...shall not be infringed" is so difficult to understand?

4. willing to defend fellow members and to maintain a large stockpile of nuclear weapons when capable of doing so. Being neutral and non-aggressive, ALE regards nuclear weapons as first-tier assets vital to deterrence and the defense of the alliance. Their use is not restricted.

5. non-aggressive and maintain alliance neutrality. Tech raiding is NOT allowed.

If these ideals suit you and you wish to apply, follow the directions found here: LINK

ALE's forum can be found here: LINK

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I've always wanted to purchase a gun.

Also, VGC :wub: ALE.

Research, make a decision that fits YOU, then invest in TRAINING! Training is KEY. Stop by our forum for more advice. :) ... and forget anything about gun handling you saw on television or at the movies. ;)

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