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Communiqué from the SOS Brigade


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In the first part of this announcment, as the Brigade Chief, it is my pleasure to announce that the full government of the SOS Brigade has been formed, and stands as follows:

To begin, we have Arrnea (me) as the Brigade Chief and Ultra Director.

Then, we have Mako Lim as our irreplaceable Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot.

Next up is Balsamic Vinegar, our super-perceptive ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student.

Always on the lookout for techraid targets, next is MercyFallout our resident Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko.

Lastly, we have bartimaeus46, comfortable but probably bored, in his position as Ordinary Human and Errand Boy.

The second part of this announcment debuts the Flag of the SOS Brigade, which is this:


The third part of this announcment relates to our tech-raiding policy, named the Computer Society Doctrine. It is as follows:

Sup guys.

If y'all wanna tech raid (like I do), go right ahead. Make sure you raid someone who is unaligned and peace out after two ground attacks (just two). It's a raid, not a stay around and occupy business.


Lastly (because 3 + 1 is obviously 3), a reminder of our SOS Brigade Boards and IRC channel (#sos-dan on irc.coldfront.net).

Drop by sometime and say hello!


Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

Mako Lim, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot

Balsamic Vinegar, ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student

MercyFallout, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko

bartimaeus46, Ordinary Human and Errand Boy

Edited by Arrnea
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