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Establishment of the Wästerdyskreich National Bank

Mergerberger II

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Establishment of the Wästerdyskreich National Bank

This is an official announcement from the Wästerdyskreich Nordic Socialist Republic regarding the establishment of the first National Bank of any dominion of our lands since the time of Greater Nordland. The WNB will mark the first major government-established institution established by the Nordic Socialist Government. It is a Department of the Ministry of Plenty, and as such is under the direct authority of the Emperor and of the Minister of Plenty.

The Wästerdyskreich National Bank has been given $50 billion in start-up assets by the Emperor and the Minister of Plenty. It is the largest government-established institution to exist to date. WNB national and international headquarters is located in the city of Bern, Switzerland. It is a 115 story building, and the Ministry of Truth has proclaimed it to be Impenetrable.


The WNB is currently backed by the Emperor's Personal Funds, as well as the Ministry of Plenty. It shall operate autonomously of MiniPlenty, but the Emperor and Minister still have supreme authority over the WNB. Gold and other valuable materials found both within and outwith Wästerdyskreichful lands are used to back up all investments made in and by the WNB.

The WNB is also currently looking to expand within Europe as well as overseas. Imperial funding has been granted and promised to write off any amount necessary for construction costs, land costs, tariff costs, etc. The bank is expected to gross ~20% of the national GDP and improve it as such by the end of this fiscal year.

If any foreign nation is interested in allowing the WNB to expand to a major city in their sovereign territory, then let them let their intents be known herein. Let it also be known that we will create domestic jobs in addition to Wästerdyskreichful jobs. We will be hiring 100% local workers to do all construction tasks, in addition to a required set of at least 50% local workers for all expansion branches. Know, as well, that the official language of the WNB is English, secondary is German.

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We are pleased to inform you that the Wästerdyskreich National Bank is permitted to open a branch at Cochin City.




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The WNB will accept both invitations, and construction will begin ASAP. Construction is expected to be finished within six months (1 month IRL). Upon the completion of the building, the WNB will authorise loans to the Japanese Empire as well as in the Kingdom of Cochin.


The "Turning Torso" Building, Cochin City


The Nordic Tower, Shanghai

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"The Wästerdyskreich National Bank may set up a branch in Calgari, Viniland's economic heart. Due to current limitations on foreign state-owned enterprises (which we will seek to strike down in a future vote), the Bank will only be able to expand in our country after a certain amount of time has passed and the institution has proven to be stable."

OOC: Use a mid-sized skyscraper (up to 100 meters of height) as your bank, I want to stick to RL's skylines as much as possible.

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The invitation to Viniland is gratefully accepted. We hope you will press more for less limitations on our buildings, but with world animoscity towards Nordlandic Nations at what they are, we can understand the limitations.

The Glass Tower will be constructed in Calgari.


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