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Emergency in Taiwan


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At 1:05 pm, in Karumba Taiwan. The Emperor, Nebu II fell to the ground when walking down the stairs in the palace, falling down 53 stairs to the bottom on the stairway. The Doctors have said he will be out of office for at least a month in recovery.

Nebu the II has made a statement in case such happens, Ja'hina goes through it.... 'Interesting to say the least... Get me an Emergency meeting" Said Ja'hina.

"Good day citizens of the world,

The Emperor has been in some trouble and is out of office. There is no Regent to take the throne, while this is very much a problem it was not a hard decision to name the Temporary leader of Taiwan. With all the help Taiwan has got from Dragonisia, we are proud to announce that Anthony Davis of Dragonisia will be the Viceroy of Taiwan for the time being. Let us welcome him with open arms."

*MODs* I am not sure if this is against the rules, I will be out awhile and don't want to be destroyed. If you will, please allow this.

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