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News from Central Asian Federation

Justinian the Mighty

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Today President Akhmetov and the Council of Ministers approved the final designs for the Flag and Coat of Arms of the Central Asian Federation. After reviewing a mountain of submissions, by dozens of artists the President is confident the government has chosen a flag that appropriately define the nation.


Flag of the Central Asian Federation

The pattern represents the art and cultural traditions of the Kazakh people. The light blue background stands for the various Turkic peoples who make up a majority of the Federations population. The sun represents the source of life and energy. The eagle symbolizes the power of the state.


Coat of Arms of the Central Asian Federation

In other news President Akhmetov welcomed the Empress Regent of the Slavorussian Empire to the Federation today in a ceremony outside the Presidential Palace. Over one thousand well wishers came out to greet the Regent and attend the ceremony. The President and the Regent hoped to meet and discuss the situation of the roughly 500,000 Slavorussian refugees in the Kostanay and North Kaz provinces.

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Establishment of the Temporary Autonomous Region of New Slavorussia

President Akhmetov and the People’s council along with members of the Slavorussian Imperial Family reached a stunning agreement today. The Federal Government agreed to grant the Imperial Family jurisdiction over the Kostanay and North Kaz provinces, where the over 500,000 Slavorussian refugees are now living.

The president commented that “today is another great example of how far socialist governments and monarchies have grown over the past century. Our Federation is proof that two groups of people with different ideals can work together if they keep an open mind towards one another.”

Critics of the federal government claim this is a dangerous step toward hereditary rule in Central Asia, something that many citizens are vehemently opposed to. Some seem to thing the merging of the socialist parties of Central Asia and Eastern Europe was in reality a grab for power by prominent Eastern European refugees, and it was by their influence alone that Autonomous was formed. The president has refused to comment on these allegations.

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The Azerbaijani Republic would like to offer an ambassador exchange, Amb. Narkom Farajov is ready to depart if the offer will be accepted.

We would be delighted to exchange ambassadors with Azerbaijan. President Akhmetov has appointed, Igor Bakiyev, as the official Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

The Central Asian Federation is sent an invitation to join the Dragon Bloc..

President Akhmetov, and the council have voted in favor of the CAF joining the Dragon Bloc. We hope this will be the beginning of a long and healthy relationship between all our countries.

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