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Agreement reached on fatE of Indochina!

Maelstrom Vortex

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ooc: Winning resolution reached on all sides, except the original indo-chinese govt that is.


The transcript of the private meeting was released to the press as the officials took the stage to stand in support of each other.

##Begin Transcript##

Maelstrom lands at the airport designated by the Slavorussians. He departs the plane and joins a diplomatic convoy heading to the capitol. The Chariman is driven through the streets of Moscow, presumably heading towards Red Square on a typically bitter cold Russian spring day. He gets out of the car, his guards surrounding him as always and he is walked into the Kremlin. He is taken to the conference room to meet with the prime minister and the Tzar.

"Welcome to Moscow, please have a seat. We've invited you here to discuss the status of Northern India," came the greetings of Tzar Justinian

Maelstrom smiles as he walks into the room and nods to the Prime Minister and Tzar Justinian. "Damned cold day. I'll never get accustomed to Russian weather." He has a seat at the end of the table. "It's been a while since I've visited the red square. There's a lot of history here." He nodded. "The reason we have invaded indochina is relatively simple, the current government has proven it cannot defend its own people from nuclear terrorism and it appears it may even be consorting with terrorists and criminals itself, thus, making it corrupt. The parliament in my state is absolutely outraged because well... 90% of them have family or friends in Indochina from the days of the old empire."

"Our concern is that Northern India is going to be annexed by Dragonisia. During the days of Slavorussian rule the Indians yearned for independence. Times may have changed since then but I'm sure one thing remains the same, the people want self governance. For that reason we would like to see it stay independent, and not part of Dragonisia. We realize Northern India has many ethnic Dragonisians, but it also has a considerable amount of Chinese, Indians and Russians. Perhaps the best thing to do is work together to establish a stable more competent government." stated the Tzar.

"We actually were thinking along those lines. Our proposal involved something a bit simpler that would solve both the dilemmas our governments face. I would like to shield native indians and give them the unity government they yearn for within their historic borders. Indochina got huge, fast, far more land than they could sanely control and safely manage. What I propose is that Dragonisia take the portions of Indochina within historic indian borders and give the rest of it back to Slavorussia or put it under a joint protectorate.. your chosing for the remaining territory as appropriate. What this does is allow for the Indians to be unified, have their independent representation by basically being our government, and those not ethnic indians are still within their historic territories and able to be governed by local governments or to assemble their own national governments." He then pauses to catch a breath as well as to let the Tzar and the Prime Minister think on this. After a momment he adds, "By the way, we've already clarified our intent to leave the Solariens and the Kaiser alone in the west, we consider them very stable representation of their local populaces."

Justinian the Mighty then whispers to the prime minister. They speak only in Russian as they deliberate together. After a few minutes of whispering they continue with the meeting.

Maelstrom quietly raises an eyeridge, his slit green eyes glowing faintly in the grey of the Russian spring and the modest light in the conference hall.

"We think this is reasonable. Our concern is not so much for the Indochinese government, but for the people it governs. As long as they have the option to govern themselves then everyone should be happy. We will occupy Indochina's outer lands as a joint protectorate with Dragonisia. Together we should be able to avoid the mistakes of the past and ensure friendly governments are established," the Tzar nodded.

"Then my friends, I think we have a resolution that everyone wins on." He extends a gloved clawed hand. "Shall we do a joint press conference and announce the results?"

"Of course. We have already prepared the press conference room to announce outcome of this meeting." Justininan noted.

Maelstrom nods and stands. "Lead the way then.." He then walked out with the other two to appear together on stage to announce the joint resolution.

## End transcript ##

They walked out on the stage, waved to the press. Chairman Vortex gestured to Justinian, permitting him the floor first with grace as the host of the talks.

ooc: Once again, brought ot you courtesy of IRC diplomacy.

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Premier Kolesnikov shuffles her papers on the podium, then takes off her reading glasses before she speaks.

“After much deliberation between the leaders of the Slavorussian and Dragonisian Empire we were able to work out an acceptable two part solution to the problem plaguing Southern Asia.

The first part: Historic India, excluding The Soliran Federacy and Mascurian Empire (sp) will be handed over to Dragonisia.

The second part: Slavorussia and Dragonisia will share joint protector status over the outer Indochinese lands. To accomplish this task Slavorussia will have to transport an additional 25,000 peacekeeping soldiers to the region. When the time is right outer Indochinese regions will be made independent and Slavorussian troops will withdraw.

In addition I‘d like to thank the Dragonisian government for working with us to find an acceptable solution to this dilemma. We’ve shown the world it is possible for two countries to work together without the use of force. Hopefully our two countries can use this opportunity to grow closer and strive towards a better and safer world.”

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"And we appreciate the Slavorussians for such a warm invite on such a cold spring day in Moscow. It really takes the bite out of that first step off the plane... I mean.. brrr.. now I know why I near never come up here except in Summer. I am a self-described temperature weakling. It didn't even take that long to hammer out the details. We both came to the table.. I believe, with an understanding of each other's goals which I believe is critical in a negotiations process. We found a way to make those goals work for each other and solve each other. I do not believe a better outcome could have been hoped for. I intend on working with Premier Kolesnikov and the Tsar in the coming months to perhaps deepen the grounds of co-operation upon which we have started today, I think there's a lot of progress that could be made in other areas such as trade that definitely should be investigated. We thank our hosts for their time, courtesy and consideration and happily put our signature to this accord." He then signs the prepared finalized document and shakes the hand of first the Premiere who made the official announcement, and then the Tsar.

"If either of you need anything, please do not hesitate to call, alright?" He then waved to the gathered international and Slavorussian press and stepped off the stage to head towards his return flight home extremely satisfied with the results of this meeting as he hopes the hosts were also.

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When reporters asked Anderson, Gates, and Jackson on the government's views of this entire situation, they responded simply by referring to previous public statements on the situation. "We have already made our views clear. Use your heads," Anderson was reported as saying.

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