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[ooc]I've been preoccupied for the past few weeks with other stuff.[/ooc]

A dozen or so televisions sit on various shelves in a nice shop. It's spotless, as one would expect from a high end tech shop, well almost spotless there's a lot of dust on the right side of the room, which is odd since there is normally a wall there to prevent such things from getting in. It's also not so much dust as it is debris. Everything still seems to be wired and working, except for what's on the right side of course, but most of the things are just boring little light up doodads or uPods and accessories. The televisions though manage to combine the boringness of those two things, light and sound, into something actually interesting

The logo of the National Broadcasting Association of Farktopia appears on the screen

News Anchor: We apologize for interrupting the latest episode of Everyday Happenings, but there is somber news from the Capital today. An explosion went off just an hour ago in Representative Row. The Majority Building currently home to the Freedom Party was rocked this afternoon after a small truck with explosives was driven into the main lobby. Currently an unknown number of people are currently missing, but it is known that among those missing are the representatives from the 9th, the 18th and the 31st district. Speaker Gerrimann is preparing an appearance.

The picture changes that to the Speaker. His arm is in a sling and his face is stitched.

John Gerrimann: Today our nation has suffered. It has suffered a loss of life, of a feeling of security, a feeling of brotherhood. No longer are we united, we have experienced an attack from within. Intelligence suggests that these explosives were made within the country and that the group behind the attacks is a terrorist group that operates near Lake Malawi in the southern portions of the country. They appear to have ties to several small, foreign and violent anarchist groups. This is all we can tell at this time. Thank you

News Anchor: Even in this time of peril Speaker Gerrimann is a man of few words.

Sirens drown out the television, wouldn't matter if they didn't power was soon cut to the area, downed lines are a problem. On the bright side the news would have another thing to report on in an hour.


[ooc]You would know if you were supposed to know what goes on from here on out and only I know that[/ooc]

Status Report: Op. Quickswitch

To the Council of Security and Special Operations

In an effort to divert the public's attention away from the shortage of water and the political ideologies that divide us we had all agreed to set up a way to... keep them preoccupied with something they could all focus on instead of bicker over. However I nor the Body Elected gave you permission to go this far. We had agreed to take it slowly and this can only lead to panic amongst the populace instead of a patriotic fervor. We'll obviously have to push the reforms faster than originally planned.


A political junkie sits down at a computer to review the day. He navigates to a site that summarizes each bill proposed.

Bill 1301-A Ratification of Changes to the Constitution, Passed 30-22

"Basically what this bill does is start the process of changing the constitution. The change is the current position of Speaker is abolished and in its place is a president that chosen out of the Body Elected. His powers include all those of the Speaker plus being head of the various Councils including Finance, Immigration and Emigration, Security and Special Operations and etc. It just centralizes the government more than it was before

Catch phrases to use if arguing with someone else

Pro: "Our country is at risk, we need to be more organized." "Do you want more people to die?" "If you don't like it then don't vote for it"

Against: "This gives too much power to one man." "By doing this we are showing weakness."

Overall this bill should provide a good amount of debate between you and your political opposite, but is nothing to actually worry about"

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