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Rebuilding India

Maelstrom Vortex

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The planners sat down, they were basing their models off of currently popular highway systems in the UFE. The proposed elevated road network looked like a spider web with rings around cities and roads going off from those rings in 8 cardinal directions.. meeting at a mega-plex junction downtown with exits going off to different parts of the cities.

The war had provided a chance to rebuild and renew, they were taking it, buying up bombed areas where the roads would need to go from struggling civilians searching for the promise of a new life in a new home. It alleviated personal humanitarian disasters and allowed for the planning for the future. It was an aggressive plan, called for the rebuilding of Adam's bridge between India and Colombo at an earlier date.. within 1-2 years and a world class passenger and industrial rail system complete with maglevs between the hearts of major cities junctioned at the core of the city to that particular city's subway system.

It was more than just cars and freeways, it was a mass transit overhaul. Additionally in suburban areas.. plans were being made for PAV (Personal Aerial Vehicle) landing strips near subway stations also.

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