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United Nations Announcement


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United Nations Announcement

The Full Government

Coolgreen44, Head Backpedaler

Danizduhman, Minister of Minstry Like Affairs Concerning Cybernations

Max, Minister of the Thing That Goes "Ping!"

Havok, Minister of all stuff HavoK

Terminal, Minister of WAAARRHHHH

Mushi, Minister of worthless Idleing


Tulak Hord, Minister of Lurking

mythicknight, Viceroy

Hormones, Leader of something mebbe overlord

Beazy, MoFa

Franz, Doer of stuff

Joey67500, Minister of ASIANS

The new government additions are the last three on the list.

Statement on the Merger

We do not recognize any merger with the Roman Empire. Any nations that leave are free to do so, but by doing so they show they never had any real commitment to the alliance.

Thank You,


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Ladies and gentlemen. Anyone that is remaining with CG's new empire is free too.

But take a look at this and recognize that this new evil empire, is not going to be a democracy,

but a dictatorship. Threats to the one's who don't comply, and those who don't obey the one dictator.


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You posted the same thing in 4 topics...

Keep to one topic mmmm k? I posted a response in the other ones, I just can't keep up with your need to spam the same message in every topic.

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