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An announcement from GDA

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GDA Election Results

Recently, we at GDA held Senate and Presidential Elections. This race proved to be one of the closest in GDA history. I now present to you the new government for the Global Democratic Alliance for the March/April 2009 term.


Minister of Recruitment-BacTalan

Minister of Defense- BastardofGod

Minister of Foreign Affairs-Thrash

Minister of Economics-Masterfod

Minister of Internal Affairs-PopCap


Ghux-Senate Leader



Lukas von Bamberg


We at GDA look forward to interacting with our fellow alliances of Planet Bob. Also, many thank yous go out to our former president BastardofGod, our former Minister of Recruitment, AsianLeader, and our former senator Shadowkiller for all their hard work over the last term.

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mayzie.... "peeps" what are you.... a 14 year old school girl?

Congrats GDA... nice to see another government have a go

She's 21 and not interested in people who peep at her. ;)

Awesome government. This could be a very good 2 months for the GDA.. :awesome:

o/ GDA

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