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Roman Empire Global Democratic MDAP


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Article I. Peace


Due to mutual lulz and deep respect for one another, Roman Empire and Global Democratic Alliance promise peace, friendship, and the sharing of drinks with one another. Sharing bacon is encouraged but not required. If any member of either alliance is dumb enough to attack someone in the other, said member will be repeatedly caned, then sent to Elb for mockery.

Article II. Defense


If Roman Empire is attacked, Global Democratic Alliance will repeatedly step on the attacker before going to war in defense of Roman Empire.

If Global Democratic Alliance is attacked, Roman Empire will tackle the aggressor and hold them down while they defend Global Democratic Alliance.

Article III. Aggression


When one of these two amazing alliances declares war, they will notify the other in advance so that the other alliance may prepare to join the fun. These two alliances agree to coordinate aggressive wars.

Article IIII. Cancellation


This treaty may be canceled by either alliance (but that won't happen). If canceled, this treaty has a cancellation period of 72 hours wherein it is still in effect. If canceled, both alliances promise to maintain the lulz between them.

Signed for Roman Empire

/s/ Caesar43, Consul

/s/ Tiberius12, Consul

Signed for Global Democratic Alliance

/s/ WarToTheDeath, Head of Global Democratic Alliance

/s/ SippyJuice, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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